Tuesday 19th July 2016

Tried experiment with the anti-sickness and the chemo an hour later with an empty stomach. So I eat early last night evening and woke up about 2.30am took the anti-sickness and then about half an hour and the chemo which should then make me so tired when I will be sleeping about four hours anyway.

Normally I wake about 7am but could not get out of bed until 10am and then I could still sleep and had to force myself up. I was determined to take the tricycles for a run along the canal from the famous aqueduct at Trevor to Llangollen.

Pulled up in car park and prepared for the run and checked the electricity and mine was ‘nil’. Well I thought it was generally flat so has a go and it is only 9 miles. I must say this was some most stunning views in Wales and the peaceful with the canal boats sauntering along in tranquillity.

It must had make the effort and I rested in the afternoon however the 32 degrees made the heat make there was nowhere to go in shade. Eleanor went into to get Linda (sister) Mat and their grandson 10 years Ross, and bring them back for a lovely ‘picking’ dinner.

It was great to see them and I apologise for the  heat and look forward to seeing them tomorrow later afternoon. What a great place to come to Chester.

Just heard the Angela Eagle is pulling out of Labour Leader. This world is crazy.


Sleep way.


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