Monday 19th July 2016

Today started I thought by the medication and felt OK and made to the health club for a swim. The sun was roasting and within an hour of getting home the chemo hit with a major slap and I was sleeping mummy (Egyptian).

I could not read, have conversation and just stared into distance. It was about 6pm that I was coming back to normally. Thank god!  Two days to go and just has to be prepared. My sister is arriving and hopefully I will keep the evenings to be more social.

This was going to be a very short blog until I spoke to Ed Waugh who is speaking to me about a play for Robert Smillie. We were meeting with Davey Hopper on the 14th August and Davey is not a friend but the leader of the Durham Miners’. Davey passed on Saturday and this was a great sad and shock. He was great man and will not be passed but I will always remember a giant of a trade unionist and the supporter of the miners.


God Bless Davey.

Sleep well.


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