Sunday 17th July 2016

Wow! these 300mg chemo certainly knock you out for most of the day. I don’t know why you take it every night and I would keep my eating to 5pm and then nothing. You could then wait up to 11pm and then the kick is over the night when you would normally sleep then. When you take the anti-sickness half an hour before (and this works) then the 300mg chemo. About a few hours, BANG it hits you and this keeps you like a zombie until about 6pm.

I keep thinking it only has five days and then it hopes for me to get myself nearly normal.

The early I managed to get my Italian trees trimmed and I then have the med. theme with the olive tree and the lavender. I also managed to clean the glass in roof of extension. I was not looking forward to doing it but at least done!

Melissa did the 5k run in Chester this morning and had I was much better, I would be there to wave her away. The day raised £102k  for cancer charities. They then dropped their two dogs over at the house as Fraser, Melissa, Madison and Murray were going to have a day out with Melissa’s family and as the sun is simply glorious they are guarantied. I had forgotten how a pug will make so much noise. I still miss Hugo (pug) though.

A short blog and sleep well people – sorry.




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