Saturday 16th July 2016

First day to take the chemo treatment for five days a month. I didn’t really sleep as well last night and was aware of the time to get up and take the anti-sickness tablet, leave it for 30 mins and then take the 300mg of chemo capsules. I could not eat anything for an hour so made Eleanor made a coffee and took the opportunity in washing Eleanor’s car, to pass the time. This was going to be interesting to see how the raised quantity of Chemo would make me the feel.

At 9.30am my accountant, Tony and lives in the village, paid me a visit to go over some accounts for one of the companies I was running. Tony waited for a couple of hours and I enjoyed his company. Tony also gave me that the local bus service have went bust with over 300 employees have been made redundancy. This will mean all the villages will have no service and will affect the retired more.

We could take the dog for a nice walk and I was aware that I was more tired in the early part of the day and I decided to go for a sleep.

About 2.30pm we went into Chester to go for a eye test at Boots. We wanted to have new glasses but were told to get the go-ahead for the oncologist as the radiotherapy would affect your sight. They were running late and came back then were in total 2.5 hours however we were looked after and the optician was very thorough. When it came, just before the door is just closing, we have 25% off, plus she was very generous with additional savings. Good to be held up then.

Back to home and I can say that I am knackered and I know I am going to do a lots of resting on these chemo days but from the positive point I have now went 20% over.

Sleep well and speak tomorrow.


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