Friday 15th July 2016

I woke up to the news that 84 people had been massacred in my second home, Nice in the South of France. We walk into Nice from our apartment and amble throughout the antique market on a Monday and have a glass of wine  with a lunch enjoying watching people enjoying a day in one of the friendly European Cities.

In a special evening with fireworks celebrating and the children will remember the joy and unfortunately an evil will turn a massacre to kill 84 people including these children and I ask why? If there is goodness then there is also an evil which is in the name of a supposed religion. We are due to be flying to Nice on the 24th this month and I encourage for as many people to visit Nice to show that good will overcome crazy, crazy people who do not deserve on this earth. Eleanor and I, are with you Nice, France and our thoughts of all the family affected and our prayers for you.

After such a day, I need to continue the blog and I had to visit the oncologist at Clatterbridge this morning. Blood taken and a wait for 1 1/2 hours and awaiting of the MRI on last Monday. In some ways I was bit nervous and the news was that the tumour was no different and could be warned that the radiotherapy could make the tumour increase and we would then look at things within the two weeks. Tomorrow I start on a double dose of chemo pills and taken at home for five days. I should also take a anti-sickness 1/2 hour before the chemo and nothing to eat for an hour. This will be an interesting exercise.

I will meet with oncologist in five weeks so again and we appreciate for all the help with the medical people. Fantastic!

I need to be honest and include this information to help people who may be going through similar.

We went into Chester and again the ‘Blue Pass’ allows us to park with no worry and excellent location. We walked to the bank, went into two shops and we met two couples we knew and it was great to have chat normally with these friends. Going to return to the car we decided to walk round the famous walls and we both nearly killed ourselves as the resin from the trees parallel to Park Road (The Albion) was making it like a skating ring. This should be reported to the council otherwise some of the visitors could be suing them for a dangerous situation.

Before I go – it rained again today.

Sleep safely and say a prayer for all in the world  who deserve a peacefully and joyousness life.




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