Thursday 14th July 2016

Up ready this morning for the swim and I am determined that we will get some space and only one in the pool and happy days. I feel good with this exercise and then straight home all showered and shaved ready for the day.

Our plan was to take the dog for a decent walk then leave him in the house and our intention was to take the bikes along the canal from Trevor viaduct to Llangollen. As the time has progresses we decided that today, sunny, will have to wait till later as Eleanor is picking Madison from school, feed her and take her swimming as normally on Thursday. Believe I started to feel tired and took the opportunity of resting and had an hour sleep and quite glad that I pushed myself.

Later in the afternoon I was delighted to see my friend Nigel Williams, straight from the Welsh Assembly where he works for a AM. Nigel realised that it was about four hours from North Wales to Cardiff and when I had made this journey a few times, I realised that this should be updated.

Was researching the Kinnock family and how his wife, his son Stephen and daughter all managed to use their influence securing positions in politics. It was also of news that Stephen’s wife who was the Danish Prime Minister who have been the Chief Executives position of Save the Children. She goes as not Mrs Kinnock she is known Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Handy for her to work near Stephen works in London and then she will have to travel back and front of Aberavon. Now I think with all the millions and pensions the family need, are socialists, she should refuse from the charity, no wages. No chance!!!!!! Greed and the secret handshake and it sickens me.

Eleanor left for the swimming with Madison and I took the tricycle for a country ride. The sun was shinning and always had the back up of the electricity. Forget my experience of running out in Argyll, which Eleanor and I will never forget!

Eleanor’s friend Christine has arrived for dinner and will go and enjoy fish and a chat.

Speak tomorrow and will report in on results of Monday’s MRI.

Sleep well.



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