Wednesday 13th July 2016

Good morning.

Today Eleanor and I have now completed a swim, walk and a cycle. Now is there a name for that sounds impressive??

We started at the Nuffield Health club and really enjoyed a swim, then when we returned to the house, took Wee Joe for walk and then prepared to take the bicycles to place called Delamere Forrest which was where the Henry V would hunt deer and boar. At the weekends you can never get a parking space and when we returned to our ‘disability’ to our Peugeot, It suddenly dawned me that we were supposed to pay and display. I am hoping we don’t get a £100 fine in our post.

Great place to visit to visit though.


So now we have the excise and even Eleanor is having a sleep on the settee before she has to go to her Pilates tonight. I have lined up a few jobs for tonight but could never do Pilates.

To not be working, I cannot see how to fix in to see all the people you want fix in. I suppose the doctor tomorrow will give us the free days and we can organise the next couple of months.

I missed a call from Ed Waugh, playwright, who had read the Labour of Love and loved the historical novel and he also sent me photographs of the banners which were on displayed at the Durham Gala last weekend. With over 150,000 on the Durham old racecourse and a political meeting which would be the envy of ANY political party in this country. It may be that Ed will write the play which I would be delighted. Watch this space.

Ed promoting some of the plays he has written. I remember I spoke at the Sacriston Miner’s Club with an audience of over 200 with 3 Labour MP’s. They all had a hard time. My father came and enjoyed the ‘Best Bitter’ but is a healthy eater and would only touch the peas but not the pies from Newcastle. I loved them.

We have a new Prime Minister and history about to happen.

Have a good evening.


Sleep well.



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