Tuesday 12th July 2016

I supposed you have good days and good and this is the latter. We have made a positive move and that is re-joining with our health club and at 9am Eleanor and I were swimming and also booked a gym assessment for next Monday. After I felt better and we relaxed with a coffee after and remind myself that it has been 3 months where I have eaten too much in the earlier period with this incredible hunger with the steroids. I need to control the quantity on the plate is difficult for Eleanor to do this and I suggest I have my food on smaller plates. I eat very good but need to have discipline.

We walked the dog through the fields before a ‘light’ lunch.

My friend Jim Loy sent a very interesting article on ultrasonic testing in France to help the chemo breaking through barrier into the brain. I cannon understand that several are working just this problem and I question why they will give me  double chemo for five days each month and I need to question how ‘this’ will penetrate the so called ‘barrier’. The only problem problem with this trial and the others are showing launching if successful is about 2020. Why not allow more people to volunteer for trials and they take the risk??

We went into Chester in afternoon to go and dump the old gate, and as it was on the same as Living Floors, I called in to collect some Labour of Love books (I am not a member of any political Party) and I promised Gerrit who saved us when the electricity ran out in Portavadie. I think he will enjoy the read. We also had to go to Halfords for wax shampoo and the florescent covers for our tricycle hats. This will protect when it rains and will be additional safety on small lanes. They were £25 and in the sale at £8.99 each. I do not why as expensive but a good buy anyway.

Eleanor is at an early Pilates and I have some lovely some beef and some potatoes and will prepare the bread for breakfast. Tomorrow we are preparing to go to Delamere to cycle and we have never done this and is normally is so busy at weekend. We will have it to ourselves.

I have another chores given by Eleanor but I am hope to sneak into a Para Hardy. But do not tell her!!!


Good night and sleep well.





4 thoughts on “Tuesday 12th July 2016”

  1. Enjoy para handy and your trip to delamere! It’s been nice to go to these places with eriska in the week rather than when too busy at weekend! Xx


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