Monday 11th July 2016


Preparing for the MRI scan this morning at Clatterbridge and it was miserable, rainy morning. What a difference it is sunny and especially in the beginning of July expecting ‘summer’.

We had an 10am appointment and left in time and when we were directed to the Imaginary Department and could not get to say to say ‘the red jacket’ OBE Ted on reception. There was a strange atmosphere coming back when the treatment was a six weeks and then felt that our job was done. This was like another adventure and it didn’t feel comfortable, that was until we met our young Nurse Rebecca and just her personality brought that sunshine into our life. I always when she was going on holiday until I completed my treatment and we had built such a bond that both of each were sad.

The MRI for people not had this experience and I hope you never will. There is nothing to be frightened, unless you are claustrophobic however there is no danger. The last time I used this machine, I always slightly moved and had to repeat the process. This time I was determined to focus and not move apart swallowing and watch the belly moving as I hopefully still are breathing! This time I was perfect and then has the dye injected to highlight the blood veins especially in the brain. It is frustrating as I feel just to ask the radiotherapist ‘can you let me know’ but I have to wait for Friday!!

We then went to the Grosvenor Garden Centre for a coffee and cheese scone, and then went to the Nuffield Health Club to re-join the club and tomorrow I will be back swimming tomorrow. Eleanor nipped into the butcher in our old shopping area, who I know have an excellent reputation and the butcher asked ‘how did she enjoy her holiday in Scotland’  He read the Blog and followed and heard our getting stuck on the tricycles. Glad to have him with us.

We stopped off to wish Jenny and Dave a great holiday coming up soon. Great to see her and where is all the time to see great friends more.

This afternoon, we are meeting Madison at her school and went back to see Melissa and my grandson Murray. After to called two streets to say to Elaine and Eriska and all the grandchildren cover and a great delight. At Elaine’s herd the news that May will be Prime Minister by Wednesday evening as Cameron has made the correct decision and at last we need we have some one party which has clear leadership. This must be the worst job in Britain and the best luck in the world.

I have noticed even with this important announcements that I can not have a reaction any way. I always realise that I cannot have excitement or fun. I know it must be difficult for Eleanor when you are with people who do not have something to look forward to. You may have a few minutes, hours or someone will live to be over 100 years. It is the ‘not knowing’ which blanks of the eventual terminal of our lives. For cancer suffers they must be frustrating that we spend money in military arms, sending to search space, the ignoring of preventing of  healthy living. Look at Scandinavian countries just raise the tax and spend where necessary and not write off these organisations are left to charity. When 62 people have the same wealth of 3.6 billion people. How do these 62 sleep at night when so much good, could to be given to so many with ‘nothing’.

Sleep well and staying with this guy who needs to pledge to being a happy guy.


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