Sunday 10th July 2016

I had a better sleep last night. I know that the travelling was taking the toll and I should have taken the second steroid but in ways glad that I didn’t give in and accept the tiredness. We decided that we would join the fitness club and swim there as much as possible. The Nuffield club were good postponement until we can come back. This will give Eleanor and I the object of discipline for swimming and gentle fitness every day. The local bus is only five minutes from the club and if Eleanor is working, I have a the return bus could take me back withing two hours.

Tomorrow we have to go to Clatterbridge for the MRI and will return on Friday to meet our oncologist. We are at there 10am and in someways miss see the people at the hospital.

I need to discuss the damage to my speech and memory. I had two meetings with speech therapist and had never needs to feel there was a need so I may have to rethink this.

We had a lovely morning meeting with Elaine, Baby Eriska and Jason. We met at the park and had a long walk wonderful. We came back to sunshine and I decided to cut the hedge and as a third way, the rain started, sunshine out again and completed before just as rain came yet again as I was sweeping. This weather is weird but stayed at Wimbleton where to watch Murray winning. Another Scot and also proud British.

I had asked my, artist, to frame the original Mick Hucknall LP for the Maggie’s. Uncle has raised an incredible amount for selling his art for Cancer Charity. I have warned that I am paying for the framing and if he starts nonsense to not let me pay.

My uncle Bill

Simply Red jpg

Going to watch some great football and then off to bed.

Sleep well.


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