Saturday 9th July 2016

This will be a very short Blog today as Eleanor and I are both knackered after the journey yesterday. I woke about about 5am which was unusual and just slipped on and off till 8am and then i could not be bothered doing after that. I had been tempted to take an extra steroid and my legs feel like lead end my eyes are like the sandy feeling.

I had decided that the one need I had to do, was to get a very short hair cut. We were driving into Chester and realised that Chester Races were on. The blue badge was great for parking and this took away the worry about where we park especially when the races are on. On four doors down from the first shop in Chester, there was a hairdresser who I had never used, but to clipper the hair was not going to be difficult. I take it back, the girl, who I will use her again did a fantastic job. I am still ugly though.

Sleep well.




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