Thursday 7th July 2016

Good morning.

Our last full day at the Portavadie and wanted to make the most of the sunshine for as long as it may last. I like to get in the pool at 8am as then keen ones will be in the pool and I wanted to get some space in the pool. Eleanor got there about 15 mins. after 8am and we had only two other ladies in lanes. This is a luxury and will make us feel better enjoying the breakfast after.

We decided to drive to Otter Ferry where we hoped to make it on the tricycles yesterday before the near having to push the tricycles at least 6 miles home. We were surprised that the distance further, when we turned back yesterday and we were were a near 4 miles. Eventually and arrived, in car, and this was a stunning place and well worth place. I had great views, beautiful sand, shell and stone beach. I have chosen a stone for my friend Roddy who collects beach stones. Hopefully he will not be disappointed. There is a lovely restaurant with an enviable reputation and although normally early, decided to eat and sitting outside enjoying the scenery combined with  the first sun.

Wee Joe was with us and loved the beach and with no others for a while, we let him the freedom of off the lead and he loved it. We drove back to complex and intended to take the ferry to Tarbert and buy some fish for tonight. As we went in the door and having the ferry a stones throw distance, we saw it berthing and grabbed the essentials and made our way.

My intention was to get a new hair style and planned to stay for two hours before returning. I found a rare hairstylist who opened on Wed, Thurs and Frid. and was sure that I had decided to had my hair clipped short. Found the stylist and she was chatting finished from customer, no waiting and was told she was fully booked and could I make an appointment for tomorrow. I said the clipping would be five minutes and still unable to get her convinced. She must be wealthy.

We went for some provisions in the small supermarket and went to our favourite fish store for a mixture for tonight, hake, sea bass, salmon and scallops. I thought we should not drive home tomorrow and just swim.

Here is the world’s famous first store. A and D Johnson Tarbert. Please visit!


We managed to then get the next ferry and now have Wee Joe as Sea Legs. Speaking to one female purser also realised that she is also qualified as captain as the ferry should always have two personnel who can control the vessel. Interesting. What a wonderful job!

Some of enjoying the ferry.

Looking to our variety of the fish was our treat for last night and I may say this was delicious dinner. Will watch to see if France will win and my friends in France will be all glued to the screens tonight.

To end today is the picture of our fish meal and sleep well as we well and then a long journey tomorrow.


Sleep well from Argyll.


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