Wednesday 6th July 2016

I woke early and hoped that we would be able to go for a swim at 8am then we realised that the rain, yes again rain, to come in and out plan to go to Otter Ferry which is about 10 miles from our holiday resort. We walked Wee Joe first and then made our way with the tricycles to our object. I made a mistake as I thought we were being transported to November, getting more soaking and the road was getting hillier and constantly we were using more and more electricity. We gave up at a hotel called Kilfinan after the 4 houses of the village and caught a picture of highland cattle. Now that I did not have a map, we lost faith the Otter Ferry was just over the next very steep hill and decided to turn back. Our hands were freezing, wet right through and was glad that we had electricity. Until!!


Yes was about a mile on the return and my electricity ran out, dead and just as I was half way up a hill. Now look like the what we were facing was an offer from Eleanor was to go back the hour journey to get the Peugeot and bring it back for me. No way just in case her electricity also ran out at the next hill or walk up every hill and then bike down the hills. Journey home estimated 4 hours and both freezing and wet.

We saw a sign for  holiday lodges 1/2 mile off the road and took a risk, as there was no signal on the mobile, someone has a land line for us to phone for a taxi where Eleanor who would return to get the Peugeot. At the entrance to the lodges when I was trying to get some phone signal, Eleanor spoke a resident, Gerrit Wals, a Dutch name but was born in Chester, had offered to throw in the bikes and give us a lift back. Incredible of great kindness otherwise we would have possibly in the Tarbert hospital.

That afternoon we watched about the Chilcot report and then took my medication which I had forgotten this morning and certainly needed the steroids and we needed that dry out and rest.

After a rest, I went for a swim myself as I feel when I am swimming it is much easier and feel that I must keep up this at least five times when I get home. On the way down to the leisure centre, you have a beautiful view on Loch Fyne and a surprise as the Waverley had just left Tarbert and what a sight. I hope the weather has not disappointed the people on board and glad that my dad had not booked to go on the sail and then meet us in Tarbert for 1 1/2 hour.

Just to remind you the Waverley.


We have booked for the nice restaurant overlooking the marina and have heard wonderful about their food. A good excuse as we have only used about 10% of what we had in suitcases and that is both Eleanor and me.

Tonight we booked for the best restaurant and unfortunately the rain spoils the atmosphere. The food was good however the children playing in the best restaurant would not be acceptable especially for a five star restaurant. Pity as the staff are good and I must say 70% of all staffing are foreign which I have no problem and this is what what Nicola Sturgeon refers to.

Back room, to see if Wales will win which I hope.

Sleep well.





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