Tuesday 5th July 2016

Good morning.

I woke up about 6.30am and knew that we were planning to go to the swimming at 8.30 before breakfast.We got the tricycles out and planned to use them to get to the leisure complex and this would be the first time we had used them. The pool just has tow people in and this was the only other people in the massive pool. We had some great swimming the second one in three months. This made me feel refreshed.

We came back to the studio and prepared to take the car on the ferry and make a way north to Lochgilphead and then north again to see the standing stones at Kilberry. We had lunch and the food was bad, bad, bad. Last night bought haddock from the Tarbert fish store and knew that we would be buying Scottish Salmon for tonight’s dinner and can I say this was incredible and puts you off going into an other restaurant as we would be disappointed. The benefit of being able to having a self catering studio and I think it will be tomorrow fish again!

Again a great parking on ferry, Wee Joe asking me if he was being dragged off and the freedom of sailor’s in the Loch Fyne.

On the late afternoon, we decided to get the bikes and go to Tignabruaich where the Waverley (the famous paddle steamer) will be calling in tomorrow on its journey up Loch Fyne. Our bike about 8 miles and thank god for the electric in the tricycles. The hills are up and down and then we have to cope with the ‘passing places’ but all the drivers and stunned seeing to tricycles and are all amused.

We arrived at Tignabruaich and although a beautiful place, I wonder how people live there unless they want people to opt out of life. I am sure they are quite happy however I appreciate Chester and the village we live just 6 miles outside and I long for the South of France which we are booked for the 24th of this month.

In Tignabruaich we stopped at the local hotel and I decided to have a whiskey and Eleanor and a white wine wine feel the atmosphere and this was ideal evening to sit in the ‘rare’ sun and the view any Londoner would pay a fortune for. Now that I do not work and wish I was just retired in normal circumstances then I would be looking forward to chilling however my circumstances always enter in my mind. I must kick myself!!

The wine and whiskey (the first dram I have had in three months) certainly cleared the lungs and will have to advise my oncologist. I know that the long operation have damaged my lungs and hopefully this will return to full capacity and I know unless that the 5 hours plus operation, would not have been possible if I had been a smoker.

Back to studio, Eleanor made the meal of Salmon, local, and some Ayrshire potatoes. We are deciding what fish for tonight????

Another full day and look forward to tomorrow and also see the hopeful ‘truth’ about Tony Blair, the property owner, multi millionaire and past leader of the British Working Class Party, Ha Ha!



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