Sunday 3rd July 2016

Eleanor and I stayed at my father, Bob, in Ayr yesterday and were preparing for our journey to holiday in Portavadie. Now a great deal of people have never know of this holiday location. Some may have heard of Loch Fyne which is famous for the Loch Fyne Restaurant further up from Tarbert.

Up early and preparing for the packing the Peugeot all packed with the tricycles and enough clothes to last for a year. After leaving Bob’s house, I dropped the Mick Hucknall’s signed album to be framed by my uncle Bill, who has a good contact. This will be auctioned at the Mick Huckhall, tribute act and will raise a good price.

Off on the journey with Eleanor driving and we drove the cost journey past Nardini’s famous ice cream restaurant in Largs. Had the weather not been raining we would have bought a famous ice cream and even bought a small one.

As we approached the ferry port taking us to Dunoon and our journey to Portavadie and with a few pictures to include how Eleanor drove on and parked perfect on ferry.

The bit over to Portavadie was single tracks but the road surface excellent. It was difficult to get used to know who is to allow the other person to go but once you get used to it then then it was a cost efficient way when it is difficult to build a two lane road.

We arrived at the complex and when we could not get in till about 3pm and decided to go to the leisure complex to have some lunch. We could see the people swimming in both the indoor and the outdoor pools. The weather was rainy and cold and I could imagine the beautiful place to enjoy the views over to Tarbert.

We got into our studio and was surprised at the room and facilities. This will just do us for the 5 nights.

Tonight we had dinner at the smaller restaurant the food was excellent and this will allow us to get back to the studio and watch Iceland/France. We are drawn who to support as we would love to Iceland to win and at the same time we love France. This will be a great game so I am going to say good night.


Sleep well.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 3rd July 2016”

  1. What a lovely adventure! I will look up Portavadie and learn a little, a pity the weather today has been raining; it makes such a difference when the sun comes out. I was due to go the Simply Red concert at Delamere Forest last night, however, I didn’t manage it due to a flare of Fibromyalgia symptoms, feeling disappointed to have missed Mick Hucknall and his wonderful songs! Enjoy your break with one another in beautiful Scotland and I hope you’ll get some warm sunshine 🌞

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