Friday 29th July 2016

Will be holidays from Blogs till next week and speak soon.


Thursday 28th July 2016

I was worried about Eleanor raising early this morning as she enjoyed her rosè wih John and Hilary. But no problem and we were in the sea before 8.30.

I now have the plan for the small bus which leaves beach at 10.30 and I just go with the old ones and Eleanor walks back up. 

We had Protein with blueberries and strawberries the some breakfast with cheese Apple and bread. Decide to bus to Beulieu and walk along the coast walk to Port St Jean. Amazing view along to Monte Carlo and the sea full of boats and some really big.

We have to walk past the David Niven villa on our way.

Our favourite cafe at St Jean is the Civette and they served a cool Perrier and a tuna sandwich.

The beautiful flowers at Hotel De Ville in St Jean.

At the small town I have worked out times for bus as with efficiency was returned to Villefranche to a welcome balcony and an afternoon sleep in shade and cool.

Wednesday 27th July 2016

We were determined to get up and go for a swim and not bad we arose at 8am. Could have been 7 but will work to that target.

The sea was warm enough to walk straight in and the beach has the locals having their morning ritual and what a life.w

After a swim we laid in the sun till about 10am then the dreaded will climb back up to our apartment and had about 4 stops and no problem.

Eleanor wanted to walk to Beaulieu and caught the bus to meet her at the square cafe Graff. At the square the vegetables sales are clearing up and their choice is fabulous and normally we support them.

Once the shops open after siestas we looked around our favourite furniture auction and I wish I could buy to send for sale in UK.

Went to supermarket to pick up soya milk for our protein drink with blueberries and strawberries. And as we just came out there was bus and the cost of €1.5 ticket which you can take you 64mins and they are very busy not like our country where they are overpriced and scarce.

Tonight we are waiting to go out for dinner with Hillary and John. Tonight cafe/restaurant and just up the road. Simple but they are flying off tomorrow so an early home but at least to share more time with them.

John presented us with a book of poems and music which is also dedicated to Hilary H48 and Eleanor and I looking forward.

All funds are going to young children charity.

Meal great and company.

Sleep well and remember poetry comes from heart.

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Now how do we admit to say we were in bed until past 9am when we had hoped that we would be swimming early. I promise tomorrow!

We went to go to Maxime’s shop and met Sophie who after coffee and water she took Eleanor to the Supermarket in car. I stayed with Maxime being spoilt.

In the afternoon we had a healthy lunch of avocado, smoked salmon, gerkin and seeded bread.

Later we walked to the jolly whale at the harbour. Relaxed watching the boats then I noticed a small boat for sale and tried to use my persuasive skills but failed. The Darse harbour is not full big of flash just real.

It was always the walk back up to the town but at just taking a bit of time then very achievable.

I went to see Maxime and Eleanor cleaned up before for us to have a drink at Betty’s bar. We have known Betty and her family for 11 years and we love them all. 

Eleanor and Betty xx

Now Maxime has nagged to eat aubergine and tomato and Eleanor made a fresh meal to satisfy and with other vegetables and Bio chicken this was really, really tasty. 

Now on balcony enjoying the view seeing the rich on their ships but I think they wish they could be here and not stuck on a boat. We will enjoy every second here realise how lucky I am with friends, family and my followers.

From balcony 

Off for ice cream and hopefully had made it up for you with pics and we feel great today.

Sleep well.

Monday 25th July 2016

Woken up in the South of France and the sunshine greeting Eleanor and I and great being back in our apartment here. 

My friend Maxime will give us a run to Nice and dropped off at the Antique market. There is an quietness due to the killings. We went for a shop and bought a few bits of clothes. I wish, I do not suit and trendy clothes, OK I  am 63 and swollen with steroids and just had a heid baldy. 

Great gentle exercise. Please tell Helen on Clatterbridge.

Down to our favourite lunch at the market and wonderful rye bread and sardines and tomatoes.

For E a glass of rosé and water boring for mois. Round the corner from restaurant listing of the people being murdered and the frightened the family names related. Sad, sad, sad!

Have have got bus and in for nod on balcony and looking to having a meal tonight with friends John and Hillary at Caravelle restaurant and just in where Eleanor is really cheered and John and I had a great conversation, and I never mixed too many words or hopefully.

Hopefully off to bed Sleep well.

Saturday 23rd July 2016

Hi Folks and felt that the Friday, the second day after the five day Chemo blast will make sure that we will be going to France for a holiday and they have recommended to go from a 1/2 steroids to 2mg steroids for seven days and it move it to a 1mg tablet.

I am going to keep my blog very brief as I am being nagged about how less two pairs of shorts and one pair of Y’s.  My cousin Jennifer was asked by my mother if she was going on a trip of the Waverley could you please replace on my lost baseball cap. My sister bought the original hat the wording of Waverley but no picture. Sorry Linda, I was hurried but my father on the many trains, and some Glasgow was now wearing ma bunnet. For English, Welsh, American, Spanish etc. ma bunnet is the posh for ‘my hat’.

Now please do not run away when I was sad when I had a photo sadness lost ma bunnet and absolute joy that my heid  is showing off my new one which has a picture of the paddle steamer on it!!

Here it goes  are you brave enough?

Now if you cannot sleep for this then Netflix is good as an option???????

Thursday 21st July 2106

I had a bad sleep yesterday, could not see why but when I retired about 9.15pm early, tired and should not have an excuse but could not see for the reason. For a funny I was given the anti-sickness for the two days following completing the chemo. I felt for today I still have the ‘metallic’ flavour and had no appetite. Thank god at 6.45pm.

So what did I do this morning, very little, whilst Eleanor is doing some work and thank god she is so organised but I would not be packed or have passports etc ready for France on Sunday. We went for a mid-morning swim and was delighted that we were the only two people in the pool. This exercise is my favourite and today is is like owning your own personal pool. We timed driving back home and this was only 15 minutes from the health club and that feels us less detached from Chester where we used to live just across the road for over 20 years.

We had to go back into Chester to the Santander Bank to change some accounts and the paperwork which Elaine and I hate. They gave you 20 pages of small print and then we had to sign of take it away to our lawyer and come back with a bill for £1k. I asked how many people just sign and she said everyone did it – trusting!

I had a conversation by telephone today and I will not say, but he has a rare skin cancer and has explained the feeling of similar to ‘not be bothering’ and I identify exactly with him. This is a depression which people need support from totally understand this. I also see more and more TV advertising for cancer and hopefully the government are telling me the truthful here.

To finish, as I have had a mobile phone to my left ear for over 20 plus years and this is exactly where my tumour was. As I only, if I have to, use the mobile once a day. I then see 50% of everyone playing with their mobile of kind types. We are addicted, it is destroying our conversation or just having time peacefulness to ‘think’. It also make me think that people are controlling us and where will this be in 10 years. I thought a great cancer charity funding by ask everyone to give up their phone up for just one day and give a £1. This makes us human and have this small amount to enjoy just a day and make them ask them seriously ‘am I addicted’. Something to concern?

Sleep well