Wednesday 29th June 2016

Great sleep at mum’s house and although woke up about 6.30am went back to sleep and got up about 8.30am. I am back to more normal as I am having the 1/2mg steroid.

I was heading into Ayr by the bus which is incredible compared with my busses about seven a day and this village has a half hour service in Annbank and it is used well. Obvious Nichola Sturgeon has plenty of money services for busses and not for filling the holes in the roads. I watched the fool N. S. visiting Brussels and a hopeless journey as this is only a publicity photo opportunity and the believers will be very disappointed in Scotland staying in the EU however she may be using this for another goal and that is for a referendum for Independence. I think the people are fully politicised  (good word) until nearly everyone is committing suicide.

I know how my great grandfather was vilified for being honest, with no personal gain and he will know how Corbyn is feeling.

20150216_121050 (1)

No more politics, for today.

I was looking forward to getting to meet with my uncle Billy for a coffee in Ayr. I might have mentioned that he raises money for cancer charity for selling is art. We met at the bus station and went for a coffee and scone at the restaurant who display his work for sale. Billy had mentioned that he would look for fresh themes and I suggested that I take some photos of the Portavadie and also I suggested that we could paint the Puffer set in some beautiful settings. There is a great following for the Puffer boat is similar for the love of the Waverley, (the last sea going paddle streamer).

Save the Puffer, holidays.


It was great to spend time with Billy and he dropped me off at my father’s house.

Although it was raining, this is nothing to spoil a walk in Scotland and he drove me out to Burns Monument and walked along an old railway line , converted to a walkway. Some may have heard of Robert Burns, a world famous poet and our path takes us under a tunnel especially built under the graveyard and Alloway church renowned in the poem Tam O’ Shanter.  Our walk to an area Doonfoot which is a really beautiful place to live and this is where the ‘well off’ in Ayr live. When I was a poor wee boy I dreamed to live, one day, in Doonfoot.

I thought you would like to see where you might visit one day, if you have not experienced this before. The grave of Robert Burns’s father.

About 5pm although, I had insistence by my father about travelling by myself, I caught the bus from Ayr to return to mum’s in Annbank. I hate being treated like a child however people treat me for genuine care and I understand.

We had a nice relaxed evening and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure and I will have you pictures to tempt you.

Good sleep.


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