Thursday 30th June 2016

Good morning. Another great sleep and woke up about 6.30 but rested in bed until 7.30am and got up and had the protein drink in half banana, blueberries, and some Scottish strawberries with Hemp milk. This will set me up for the day with the correct nutrition. Still 1/2gm steroid and this is stabilising me.

I was going into Ayr to meet my father and then we drove to Prestwick station to go for our adventure. My father has always been someone who loved his train journeys as he was a rail driver for 49 years and could tell you ever tunnel, signal box, station etc. etc. So off to Glasgow, change to Queens Street and on the train to Balloch at the end of Loch Lomond and the home of the Maid of the Loch and this is an interesting story. In government there is massive amount of money wasted and I have seen two projects which are just left to the ‘hopeful public interested charity’ to save historical priorities and yesterday I saw the £1/2 million for Burns monument. The other project is the Maid of the Loch required additional £1.7million to see this historical loch paddle steamer. There is so many adversities to overcome by bureaucracy which will ‘wear down’ the genuine volunteers. We should identify these Scottish historical gems and instead of the government being brave of just raising the taxes and all share rather than the generous.

Here are some of the pics my dad, me and the wonderful ship. Please don’t lose these for ever.

Back in the train to Ayr and then my Dad drops me off in Annbank.

Eleanor will arrive in the Peugeot and look forward to get going on our holiday with our Wee Joe coming. Will send some wonderful pictures of Scotland soon.


Sleep well.


One thought on “Thursday 30th June 2016”

  1. Hi Blair and Eleanor, just saw your video and we’ve seen that it all goes well now …. good !!! isn’t it ? Remember… when you come to Belgium you’re always welcome. All the best for you both. Peter and Olga from Belgium !!!


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