Tuesday 28th June 2016

I had a great sleep and even not a visit to the loo during the night. I first woke up about 5am and persisted in gong back to sleep and woke again at 7am. Eleanor had a 8.30am appointment for her dentist and had to be swiftly out the door. I tried to catch up with the morning’s political news and quite frankly I wish I had not switched the TV and realised that it was a pity that ‘jokers’ were running our county or even most countries.

I was being driven by Eleanor’s sister Julie who will take me up to mothers in Annbank. The longer I have never drive, I feel that the roads are seemingly taking longer. I had a good sleep for about an hour and slept and then awoke refreshed and kept Julie company especially when she had to  pull off the M74 directed to AYR and the road is not the best. For over 30 years I would drive this stretch of road in all weather and it is not my favourite.

I arrived at mothers and she would be delighted that I could spend some time with her. It is frustrating that I would always to be able to take her a run in the car and visit like Culzean Castle however I am stuck as I cannot drive and have that freedom. Hopefully my company will be all I can offer.

I had email contact from a Donald McKellar who was an Arnold Clark’s Branch Managing Director of the Edinburgh Peugeot/Talbot dealer. This is extraordinary story and I could write a story alone this period. At one time my advertising agency in Edinburgh handled the whole Arnold Clark account and I was close dealing with Donald. Later in our relationship and losing the account, I was found losing my house, car, caravan and everything my shirt. Whilst Eleanor was loading the van with our possessions, I was at the housing department of Livingston. Eventually, because have two small children, I got the keys for a council house which I would state was not in a ‘wonderful’ area.

No job, moved into a council house, I made Arnold Clark and asked him if I could sell cars and yes he gave me a job at Donald McKellar branch in Edinburgh. I had never sold  car however Donald was extremely kind although I really gave him a hard time. I wanted to sell every car that I could possibly could and even selling the part exchanged, not even washed, as the commission was higher. Within a few months, I was one of the top earners in the whole group. Not too happy with the other salesmen. Tough!

I think I could have made a career in Arnold Clark’s however a call from a Graham Walker from Jersey and this led to me coming to Chester to running and building a advertising agency. Then buying a house (95% deposit) and within of all happening of about 6 months from of loosing my home. I was sorry to leave Donald McKellar however I think he would have a more peaceful life with me being now in Chester.

We folks one small think happens and you make contact and there is something there for you to read in a quiet day.

Another day and another adventure.


Sleep well my friends.


One thought on “Tuesday 28th June 2016”

  1. Blair what more could youre mother want than your company i’m sure thers never a dull moment, wishing you well & lots of love xxxx


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