Sat 25th/Sun26th June 2016

This is very short Blog.

I have an admission – I am not Superman and someone who will always fight against my illness and on Saturday, I thought would just go to take 1/2mg steroid skipping that day and planning to take one on Sunday. I  felt OK for the day of Saturday but bang, Eleanor put me to bed and have no recollect of anything until I was lying bed to 10am. I got up shortly and I missed the party at son’s house to celebrate Murray’s birthday. I got up about 4pm and forced to have a shower and shave to bring me back to to normality.

I noticed that my speech was like someone drank a bottle whisky and I would have difficult typing and spelling every few words. I try to speak when I have too and became depressed and sorry I had to mentioned that dreaded word.

I start to think that the tumour has started to grow, with similar speech problems when the tumour was first putting pressure and the brain. I know that I would be warned after radiotherapy may be swelling the speech and memory and this will help as this repairs.

Sorry to give you such a negative Blog and tomorrows will be, I promise, a better positive Blog.

Before, I will give you a couple before the Glastonbury weekend which I slept throughout but Eleanor, her sister Julie and Madison.

Speak soon.







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