Monday 27th June 2016

Another good sleep and did not even get up for the loo. Hopefully I am getting lazy and the next I will be watching Jeremy Kyle!!!

I am back on the 1/2gm steroids and hopefully this will stabilising me and be less tired. Today I still feel lazy, lazy and not being me.

I had to change the pansies in the window boxes and went to our local small garden and have put in a different range of plants which I will photographed as soon they come out.

I had a look at the Save the Puffer Holidays, and they are very booked but just a few 5 nights but difficult to confirm with the oncologist at our meeting the 15th July. Hopefully there be a few dates that might work. You should Google the Puffer holidays and some great scenes all over the West Scotland.

Julie is relaxing before the return to Scotland tomorrow and she will drop me at mothers in Annbank before her final trip to Glasgow. I am looking forward Eleanor coming her on Saturday to make our way to get the ferry Gourock to Dunoon and not far to drive to Portavadie Marina.

I have had now had an email from Save the Children and they have now searched my great grandfather, Robert Smillie and was then aware of him being a co-founder and this we be included in the 1919 centenary. I explained that I will not be here in 2019 for the celebrations and I want to do something with me reference the raising the Crownfunding. Not that they contributing,  but the publicity  will help the credibility in his story and the play having written.

My great grandfather, donated £30,000 from the miner’s of the UK to start of the Save the Children charity in Royal Albert Hall. In 1920 he was awarded in the Honorary Committee in Geneva.

I had a surprise call from the Oncologist Specialist Nurse, Helen. She knew I was going to Scotland to enquire to how the treatment and do I have enough steroids. She had me a chat at the right time as I was depressed and she explained how the few days after treatment. If I speech declines that I had to increase the steroids, which I hate doing but I find my speech better. Knowing I am conscious of bad speech then I say little. At least people will have a rest especially about politics and the EU!!

Well speak soon and tomorrow I will publishing from Scotland.Sleep well!


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