Friday 24th June 2016

For the last two years I fought to expose the sham of the European Union and like many people waiting up for the result and I was happy to go to bed at 10.30pm and accept the democracy of the British people. The remain were totally that they lost and my friend, Jim Loy said ‘The bookies were always right and this would be remaining’

Being Scottish I then listened to Nicola Sturgeon saying that they would seek another referendum to leave the UK and stay in the EU. Is she a complete idiot, where she wanted to be independent but still controlled by Brussels. She would have to contribute every day and they would decide there that money would be spent in Scotland and indeed match funded. There would be a secure border from Carlisle to Berwick on Tweed and how are they going to take the goods driven to the European ports, using an independent British countries roads for no fee. Now goods will have to sail from Scotland and what an attraction of immigrants going to Scotland in huge numbers where Nicola where she had made the same statement of Merkel ‘We welcome immigrants, all welcome’

This will see a debate which I will certainly be up for fight as long as I have have breath in my body.

Now politics aside I slept to 6.30am and have had a very lazy day. I had to fix the fence which I am delighted and Ron, who built our tricycles, was coming to check the gears which are slipping and I wanted it fixed before we leave to Scotland. This morning still slightly back up, shit, and 1/2mg steroid, tempted to cut to one every second day, and Omega 3, turmeric and started Alfalfa which will rid of some of the fluid increased lately.

I have prepared photocopies to go along with the Labour of Love books going to a Professor Graham Walker of Belfast University. and the playwright, Ed, from Newcastle. Prof. who wrote a book on the forming of the Labour in Scotland. He has said that he will help in any way to assist in information for the play.

How I am today and I feel the radiotherapy and chemo is now wearing off and I see a slight normality, a little but moving forward. I cannot wait to see Eleanor’s coming today from Scotland in preparation for our ‘house’ Glastonbury weekend when some good food, drink and no need for wellies. Julie will take me back to Scotland on Tuesday to see my parents and cannot wait.

I have downloaded Para Handy and now in the third programme. Since have a tumour and looking what is important to add my bucket list and I love the Clyde Puffers and love to watch the Para Handy with the views I know so well. When I was young, instead of going to the airport, we went on Paddle steamers ‘up the water’. We had no phones, computers or any expensive toys. We had the simple playing and when I look back I was so happy and looking back it worried that our children have everything but missing out on simple things. Will they look back 50 years from now and remember playing with the latest computer games or continuously sending texts or Facebooking. A new word again!


They do holidays on this puffer and there is some available dates and will see Eleanor when she returns to book a real Bucket wish.

Julie arrived safely from Glasgow and deserves with a glass of wine. We will enjoy the sunshine and look forward to our weekend of music without the mud.

Enjoy the historic evening and sleep well. I have the confidence with the people of this Great Britain.





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