Thursday 23rd June 2016

D Day for the referendum day and I do not how to guess what our democracy will give us and any way we need to get together to either start cleaning the EU as promised by our Remain politicians or if we are out then we need to negotiate where the EU has more to lose than us.

Bed at 10.30am and then got up at 6am. I like this time at the morning and easily pass a few hours until Eleanor wakes at 8am. I was some fencing to renewed and the new gate fitted and this will be my project. Weight slightly less at 12.70 stone.I decided to have porridge and then coffee but no bread, this is until at lunchtime for two slices of rye bread.

I was brave taking off the old gate and once then I have no security for keeping Joe in the back garden. At some time has to be done so I went for it.

We had arranged to meet Melissa and our grandson Murray at the Broughton retail to get him shoes for his third birthday. After having a screaming session with Murray especially in Clarks choosing shoes and I felt sorry for the young girl training, this must surely put her off this career.

Murray with his birthday present.


They came came for lunch and within an hour I had to go to bed to sleep for at least an hour. I felt totally ‘done in’ but do not fight it and just take the sleep when able. When I rose, I started on the ‘gate’ project and completed this by about 5pm. My brain or physical strength was not the same but this slowed me in thinking and good as I make less mistakes.

Very posh new gate.


The weather was so warm that Eleanor, Joe and myself walked down to the local pub the Royal Oak and had a refreshing drink in their garden and back to house to relax, have dinner and at last our normal TV is back.

Relax meet you folks whether or not you are in or out as I will not be worrying of which way it goes and hopefully at 7am tomorrow, I will know.

Sleep well.




One thought on “Thursday 23rd June 2016”

  1. I hope you wake feeling wonderful at the result, I know there will be tough negotiations needed, however, it is I believe fhe best decision for Britain. What a beautiful afternoon yesterday, glad you had a relax at The Royal Oak in the village, Kev and I love that place, food and service superb!

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