Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Last night’s sleep was going to an interesting as I had some alcohol and was a moderate quantity and in some ways felt guilty. I enjoyed some red wine, 2 glasses and could have been content with just one but the atmosphere as fantastic. I also enjoyed a small beer – guilty. We got to bed at 10.30pm and I was ready to get up at 4.30am, went to loo and was determined to go back to bed and woke up at 7am and content to raise. Alcohol did not interfere so that was an interesting experiment.

Took the 1/2 steroid and some Omega 3, and turmeric and decided to have a yogurt and a cup of coffee. My weight was slightly down at 12.70 stones.

Eleanor had a changed  her a dress at French Connection and we went into Chester early. Joe was well behaved strangely for him and after

We got back to the car near to the river Dee and decided to take Joe a walk towards the Chester suspended bridge and as we came on recognised Annie who used to work with us about ten years and her husband Graham. They were out cycling and enjoying their retirement. This was the first time that I thought how much it is to retire after all life to spend that quality time together. I had to shake myself.

I had a real surprise when I was clearing up some paperwork and came across and this was this commemorative envelop which I went to Alloway across from Burn’s Cottage when I was twelve years old. I often wondered if I still had this and this is 41 years old and quite collectable. I will be there next week and only a short walk from my father’s house.


We went to the Mold Garden Centre in the Peugeot without the bikes as we were collecting the new side gate and accessories. You could not resist lunch. Wee the Peugeot was versatile and Eleanor just loves driving this now.

We came back to house and had a sleep and realised this was my third today and I feel very lazy. Eleanor keeps nagging me because ‘my’ corner is cluttered and the opposite when I came home from Woolton when I was anal about the tidying. I am just a slob now.

Eleanor just going to Pilates and I am going to take the tricycle for an hour just to get me legs going and hopefully reduce my slobbiness (a new word). The hours cycle and was a beautiful and thank goodness we have such surrounds.

I came back and then caught the referendum TV debates and I realise how weak arguments from each side are presented both politicians and the personalities who are clueless. Tomorrow we will see if we are IN or LEAVE and that’s that.

On this momentous evening, I hope you seep tonight as I will and chat tomorrow.





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