Tuesday 21st June 2016

Again a good sleep. Went to bed at 11am and woke at 5am but went loo and then back to bed and up at 7am. I am only still on the steroids at 1/2 mg and soon this will be to every alternative day. Weight went up today at 12.78 stones. Disappointed.

I notice my speech is affected and when I speak to Eleanor and thank you she is used to my words mixing up. I hate when I am speaking to anyone on the phone and have to super concentrate and I have a slight hearing problem with the side opposite to the tumour situation. I hate using the ear the same side at the tumour as I am conscious to waves going into my brain.

I thought I would wear my tee shirt from Orlando in BIG DOGS shop. Hope you like?


Today is lovely and we took the tricycles to a very popular town of Parkgate on the Wirral. We parked and made our way along an old railway to the Thuraston where my Father would be delighted that they still have the old railway station. We also discovered a lovely cafe and also barbecue area and decided to bring Madison, our grand daughter with her bike. He can have great here.

We made back to Parkgate and realised how the Peugeot Expert Teepee and of course our Blue Badge to ease our parking.

Back to home and got our chores done and prepared for the bus to Chester for an early booking with our favourite Italian, This really feels like in Italy and we will breathing garlic over people tomorrow but hey ho.

Anyway went into Chester and went for a quick drink in our great pub, The Albion and had a class of beer. This is theWW1 pub and a first class establishment.


We then went to the best Italian restaurant in Chester and had a special 1/2 lasagna and 1/2 pizza plus a green salad. Perfect.



Back in and watched the EU debate and hopefully people will chose Democracy and after Friday then we get with it.

Off to bed now and sleep well.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 21st June 2016”

  1. Hi Blair, looking forward to seeing you sometime next week….it will be after the Referendum. I predict it will be 55% Remain…. (Scotland’s Indyref all over again.) It is a Tory magic trick to fool us… smoking mirrors… they had to come up with something after D. Cameron was forced to give us a say whether we stayed or left.. Boris the Buffoon is just great at it. The suits who really run the country have been working really hard…. and if it is a Leave vote I’ll do a “Paddy Ashdown” and eat my hat. haha. ps. I WANT TO LEAVE….. I’m shouting it from the roof tops… Bill keeps telling me to calm down….. lots love…. from me and Bill.

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    1. I had a friend asked the Labour Leader in the Welsh Assembly – What have the unions and the Labour Party doing to help the workers when it has been Brussels who are responsible, so called, workers rights where would be lost to this country if we leave the EU?
      I got the Labour Party a bit tongue tied.

      See you next week.


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