Monday 20th June 2016

Well due to going to see Lionel Ritchie it was well after midnight we got to bed. I went woke up several times but stayed in bed until 6am .but must admit I am knackered today and did very little and was a different a person from yesterday.

Weight from yesterday 12.88 down this morning at 12.68 stone.

We had arranged to get the brakes of the Peugeot and get the air con to be gassed before Eleanor will be heading to Scotland next week. The garage checked the brakes and honestly told us that the brakes were OK and then only charged us £45 for the air con.

Whilst waiting to have the work done we walked Wee Joe along to see the double glazing we use, Fortress Windows and great to Steve and Maria who had been following my progress.

On the way home we need to get into Aldi for razor blades and then Eleanor then brought Jackie Wilson, who follows me on the Blog and has excellent comments, to see me in the store. I was delighted to see her and was then delighted she had a French Bulldog in her car and what a real stunner. In Wilmslow, about five years ago laid the flooring for the now UK managing director for UKIP. Claim to fame and he and his family were lovely people.

Back to home and Eleanor went to do an appointment for her work. I was extremely lazy had no incentive to even move. I slept and just caught with some emails etc. Sorry I cannot be more exciting.

Eleanor came back and the sun was out then away then out then away. I am constantly to see the Duke of Westminster’s arriving from London and a few a minutes before her helicopter is passing over to get either the Duke or family. I then wondered how much her property in London must have increased in value?? A different world.

Dinner tonight and then some TV and if I get to bed early then tomorrow will make me feel so much better.


Good night and sleep well.



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