Saturday 18th June 2016

I see the improvement in sleeping without with the sleeping pills. Last night we went to bed at just after 9pm and I was asleep very quickly. During the night had to go a couple of times but straight back to bed and although not sleep immediately, I was determined. Excellent and woke up at 7am and we are now on the way.

Eleanor was going to get hair done and I had invited my friend Roger to come and see me and at the same time we were go a walk with his dog Barney to see if Wee Joe could eventually socialise. Now if miracles happen.

Roger arrived at 11.30am and we immediately and Joe was a struggle all long walk however eventually when we got back home they were off lead and apart from a couple of scuffles they were getting on great and we should do more often. My friend is the nephew of the famous of John Moores who started the Littlewoods empire. Roger was the director of buying and was one of the most interesting characters.

After with Roger and Eleanor, I had a sleep on my chair for nearly two hours and really enjoyed and gave in to wanting a sleep, then just sleep.

The rest of day was reading and was determined not to do any jobs and this will why this blog today will be short.

After a lovely dinner, some TV and again I will go to bed early. This is time to repair and start at a low level to gradually build my strength. Tomorrow evening to see Lionel Richie and looking forward that.

Sleep my friends.


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