Thursday 16th June 2016

I had quite a good sleep, bed at 10.30pm and woke up around 4am but was determined to stay n the bed. I lasted until 5am and then I decided to dress and go for a walk over the fields. Now there had been a great deal of water and I decided to wear wellingtons. I made my way to the top of the village and then left over a stile and that entered me into a field owned by a friend, Les, the local farmer. The view was the whole of the Cheshire plain includes the Duke of Westminster’s tower and I had to stand for a few minutes to take in the beauty. As you will notice, due to the warmth and a delude of rain, the grass has grown rapidly. Until I entered the third field then I was ploughing through very long grass and no way back without the jeans getting soaked. Next time I will put my water proof trousers.

Just coming back into the village I met a neighbour who was in his 90’s and he walked every day several times and he was like me, out at 5am as norm having been a farmer all his life. I said that I had said that that I should be helping Les at the milking early mornings. I was shocked at his answer that Las had sold his herd and if you drove from Chester the 6 miles to Higher Kinnerton, you would not see a milking cow in a field. I am shocked that our farmers are losing money producing milk locally and all the funding from the EU is going to big Agri business and I know that people would support the smaller milk producing by just paying a little. I am sad about this!

I was at the hospital at before 8.30am and was tired but the second last treatment and was glad but sad as even we have made friends of the cleaner who is excellent at her job and there should rightly have that respect. We have something for her tomorrow.

We went into the retail to find if I had some books, Labour of Love, and Eleanor had to get next door the hairdressing supplies to have her hair done on Saturday. Remember we are going to Lionel Ritchie on Sunday and maybe in case she met him!!!

A visit to Waitrose and then home. I was feeling for a sleep and I just had exactly that. This was the time I was slightly nausea and I gave in and had a anti-sickness pill. I t seems that I don’t like sweet taste and this lingers in your moth and a slightly metallic taste.

Elaine dropped Eriska and we have some quality time with this baby. We took Eriska with Joe (dog) and just got back before the heavens opened and the rain started.

I had to put an end of projects which I know was going to take up my time and I felt sad have having to walk away from commitments which if was fit and possibly retired then I would accept the challenges. When I see so many peoples shopping in Waitrose, or sitting in the restaurant in M and S, I think I will miss the time retired and if healthy having a near est after a lifetime of work. It brings into perspective, when at hospital recently, we pass a boy approximately 8 years old and he is always smiling. I know his parents would swap place with him and I am very lucky I have had a wonderful life.

I am going now as I will watch another of Para Handy and soak in all the Scottish West Coast views and atmosphere.

Tomorrow will ringing the bell and having a drink of champagne with family

Have a nice evening.

Sleep well.


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