Wednesday 15th June 2016

Woke about 3am tried to ignore it but got up and again disciplined to a half hour and back to bed. Was a bit to get sleep but went to 6.30am and was excellent and set me up for a day. The only being disciplined to a half hour then works.

I decided to take the dog with us as we were going to Mold to see some of the ‘Leave’ campaign at a street stall and I miss this so much involve with the public. Eleanor and Joe introduced to Maggie’s as we hate leaving him especially when he misses the Pug.


We arrived at hospital early and the radiotherapy was longer as they need to check the calibrate of the machine and then zap. The mask is now becoming tighter but only two now and I will be ringing on Friday.

After we had a meeting with Helen the specialist nurse and we had a few questions regarding when could I stop steroids as there was a conflict with the doctors on Monday. It was confirmed that we stick to 1/2mg for two weeks, we could now fly, and after a week can swim where the chemicals could affect the area targeted.

This is all good positive and we are now moving towards some normality.

We went straight to Mold which is a market town and today was the market day. I was delighted to meet the team and wish I could just work with then all day. I had the chance to speak to some people and apart from one, there was a huge positivism and again this was older people who has seen the changes over the years and also not good. No one knows who their MEP is, why would they visit them and are they aware each MEP costs £1.3 million and and no one knows them!!!!

Vote to or stay or leave then I love being in a country to have a democracy.


My stomach is not that big.Is it.  Not from to much  food, cakes or 6 pints a night.

We went back to the house because we wanted to book accommodation for a break to Scotland and found a beautiful place near Tarbet on the West Coast. On the 28th June I will head to Scotland to spend some time with parents as it allows Eleanor to cover work. She will then drive up to plan for us to take a boat from Greenock to have 5 nights in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland and I know we will definitely enjoy this.

We were due to visit Sarah and Chris Samuels and see their new home. Chis you may remember was in the Holly Land recently and kept in touch with me. They are both wonderful people and Chris gave me a very special gift which is worth more than a £million and this was hand carved of Mary and Joseph and Chris explained that the faces are deliberately not detailed as you need to use your faith and for everyone who looks at the carving has their own visualisation. Thank you Chris and Sarah I am sorry I took a second piece of cake.


Back at home and I was exhausted as I cannot shut up and I must apologise. I had a brief sleep on the decking until the rain suddenly changed from sun.

This is now relax time and I had been searching for a BBC program about the Puffer boat called the Vital Spark. These boats went between the west coast of Scotland, delivering goods to the small towns situated in the glorious islands. This is pure comedy and then you enjoy the scenery. I managed to download six programmes and watched the first. Fantastic and I cannot watch more.

Eleanor is off to Pilates and I am charge of heating the dinner for her coming later and will now take Joe for a walk.

Wonderful day and I appreciate all my friends and most of all Eleanor for putting up with me.

Sleep tonight and thank you for being with me.


One thought on “Wednesday 15th June 2016”

  1. Eleanor looks as wonderful as ever! I do hope I bump into you both sometime at the Club, when you are back swimming again! Kev and I go early mornings now around twice a week and it really sets us up for the day ahead. Warm wishes and a hug to you both.

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