Tuesday 14th June 2016

Was in bed last night at 9.30 and totally exhausted and without reading went straight off to sleep and woke up at 2am. I decided to only stay up for half an hour and discipline to them return to bed. I had not the best of continued sleep but at least I was not either seeing the light coming up or baking during the night. I am going to do this on the future.

I take the 5 HTP however this must be checked by your doctors before you take them. Please!


We went to Clatterbridge and felt like a different man. I was 100% more fresh that the long disturbance mid night was the main purpose of the majority of my exhaustion.

Eleanor was going to Wilmslow and I decided I would go into Chester and spend some time walking round and had to go to the bank, get another key cut (where I will now get a medical necklace) and had to go to Waterstone to get the Rough Guide to Scotland.

I had a spare twenty minutes and found a marvellous baking shop and found the inserts for loaf tins and could spend plenty of that shop.

I caught the bus back at 1.17pm and then changed to finish off the garden which I hurriedly last night. I finished off the last of power washing, now happy, all tidy again.

Eleanor returned from Wilmslow and she came into the lounge where I work from a corner. She laid down on the settee and I am glad that she had a sleep and I did the same until the phone went and woke us up. I hate phones when they just disturbances  are in a lovely sleep.

We took the dog for a walk and then I decided to bake when Eleanor was going to an early Pilates work out and I decided to make the banana loaf with the walnuts which I had forgotten in but I need to contact the publisher of the The Great British Bake Off, as they forgot to put it in the instructions apart that from just toasting them initially. I am not brain dead now.

I also made some ‘Healthy on the Run’ flapjacks and I just made half of the recipe but great just to grab full of health and maybe will take over my treat of a bacon butty in Clatterbridge cafe. Or maybe not!

Banana/ walnut waiting to go into the oven and healthy flapjacks. Yummy.

All ready for dinner and going to leave you.

Sleep well.



One thought on “Tuesday 14th June 2016”

  1. Hi Blair, These look good, I’d like to place an order for 2 flapjacks to get me around the Ride London cycle, I can get them when I see you on the 3rd. All the best my friend from Jim

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