Sunday 12th June 2016

Happy birthday greeting to my mother and have a great family day in Girvan.


I had a strange night sleep. As normal I have wonderful sleep and feel that I am having 10 hours sleep My initial awakening always disappoints when I see it is 4am or even worse. I rose and read listened to Madame Butterfly on my iPod, paced around and then at 8am took a coffee to Eleanor. I had already taken the chemo and steroids pills, all dosed up and I decided to get back into bed and felt my eyes shutting. Eleanor got up and I decided to go with my tiredness, hey presto, 10.30 and I am waking up. This can be excused as it is Sunday!

We have been more restricted in what to do as the rain was intermittent and this rules out the tricycle trips and decided to drive in the 6 miles to Chester. The Blue Pass is wonderful and it allows you get access where otherwise like you healthy people, no worry about parking. One advantage of being ill. We took the Bulldog, Wee Joe and give him a decent leisurely walk. We parked and as walking to the River Dee, there was a triathlon and the atmosphere was amazing and I had such faith on the younger generation who are dedicated to challenge and ultimate health.

We always say, if we were coming to Chester for a holiday then we would be impressed and we are so lucky we have it on our doorstep. The photo with Eleanor iron suspended bridge remembered me when I came to run an advertising agency and the press took my photo on that bridge over 30 years ago.

We mingled with the crowds and then walked through the city and you never git tired of the atmosphere. On the way back we went to a nice cake in the Chester Park and this is run by volunteers who have suffered an addiction and we like to support. They have a lovely building and a great opportunity for people to be engaged and help to change their lives. The charity has been named to Nightingale Social and the food is also excellent.

FullSizeRender (11)

We went to visit our son and daughter and this is easy as the are 1 minute from each other. I dropped in the banana cake and the buns and no doubt I will hear if anyone has broken their tooth. Back to home to listen to the rain watch TV and then just chill ready to start the last week of treatment and then a champagne, a small one for me, on Friday the 17th June.

Thank you for following.

Sleep well!


6 thoughts on “Sunday 12th June 2016”

  1. cakes were great dad, must be the new mixer!!! We’re very much looking forward to toasting the end of your 6 weeks with a glass of fizz on Friday, I’ll even join you in a small one! x

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  2. Lovely to know that your treatment finishes this Friday and thank you for writing this blog, I am enjoying! I love The Groves, so close to my heart as I once lived above what was The Deva Cafe with my parents. My ancestors were the Bithell Boat family who ran the launches, motor boats and rowing boats for well over a century before it was sold out in the 1970’s. The Lodge Cafe in the Park is a lovely place and the afternoon teas are absolutely delicious. Have a good week Blair and keep smiling!

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    1. This is interesting as I know the Bothell name well known and I sanded the floors for the Deva Cafe floors.
      What a wonderful place to live next to the river. We used to live in Westminster Park for 23 years and would easily walk in to the meadow or round the walls. Tempted to stop in for a pint at The Albion. I have had alcohol but could die for just one Albion beer. What a wonderful Copy.
      Thank you for following.

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  3. Hi Blair
    Just like to say how much I enjoy following your blog and il raise a glass too on your last day of treatment I also remember my last day at clatter bridge too on the radio therapy unit six weeks in total keep up the great blog God bless you

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