Monday 13th June 2016

Another good sleep and woke up at 4.30am and laid in bed until 5am. No choice but get up and make a Piece of toast and a cup of tea. I decided to go back at 6am and got to sleep until 8am as we were due to hospital the later afternoon.

I knew that there was a stand for Vote Leave in Wrexham and my fiends were there and I suggested that I could get a bus in the village direct to Wrexham. I could arrive for about 10am and I wanted to support my friends and also see how would I still be able to discuss the EU with the public. Everyone was surprised and delighted that I had appeared.

I was delighted with the positivism of the people of Wrexham and I spoke to many people who had not made up their minds and I know that the majority, spoken to, would then Vote Out.

I had to eat something at noon as I would need to have a relative empty stomach at 4pm in Clatterbridge to take the Chemo pills before the radiotherapy. Nigel Williams gave me a lift back to home and then we headed for the last week of treatment.

When we arrived and told to take the pills and then take the paperwork to see the doctor. We had about half an hour as I had never seen the place so busy. Delighted that the steroids can now be reduced to one pill, half of 1mg. I am delighted about being told this and after this week we can go for every second day and then none. Eventually the swelling will go and if I need to suffer a more tiredness then so be.

We have now agreed the date for the scan on Monday the 11th July and the appraisal by the doctor on the 15th. Blood again is totally normal, wonderful.

I was starting to feel the time on the Vote Leave stand and I know that I was not fit and sadly had to accept my restrictions. I hate it but there I cannot do more for now.

I feel at some way concerned that I need to have something as a purpose but one which I can not stress the brain too much. I did notice that my short term memory was slightly affected from the radiotherapy. This has always been a recommendation from the doctors but not me I am different. Sorry they are right.

Now saying all this I had to get the garden bin out and had to cut the hedge which has grown so much due to rain and heat. So I pushed myself and cut the hedge, filled the bin and at least I can then relax.

I will now just go and watch the TV for the 9pm and then bed.

Lastly I must feel and pray for the family and friends of the 50 killed in Orlando. We see 100’s being in other countries yet it does not affect us. We were in Orlando last December and I also take concern for all people in the world, died needlessly.


Good night – sleep well.











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