Saturday 11th June 2012

Good morning.

Please excuse me for keeping today’s short, it was just a situation where we chilled out today unusually and hopefully you are all doing the same.

Let us start for the statistics. I decided the previous night to take a sleeping pill and hoped for a long lie. Got to 5am and happy. At the weekend, no radiotherapy and I took the chemo pills on an empty stomach the first thing and then I could have some porridge after an hour. I was feeling well and decided to weigh myself again when I noticed that the swelling on my stomach and face had reduced a little. I had now started to drop the weight and will monitor this as the steroids reduce. Hopefully I can get back to normal and the look also.

It was nice not to use the car for the day and give Eleanor a rest. I decided to bake, never, and would use the the birthday present, the Kenwood mixer, and decided to use the bananas to make a banana and walnut loaf. You have to toast the walnuts in the oven for about 7 minutes first and after mix the ingredients. Every thing was marvelous greased the loaf tin, filled it and in the oven. Fifteen I noticed the walnuts which I had laid out in another part of the kitchen. I am told that the radiotherapy may affect your short term memory. My excuse however we now have a delicious banana loaf!

Our French Bulldog is really missing the pug and we decided to take him for a good walk and spend time with him today and had a lovely walk in the country and passing back through the village, the village fete. We looked at the black sky coming towards to us and hoped it would not spoil the day. It did and really the sky’s opened late afternoon. I hope they still had a good time and had the opportunity to shelter.

For dinner we had a real Scottish traditional dinner of mince and tatties with a twist to use up swede, french beans, and Guernsey potatoes. Still was delicious.

I though I would add this to today’s blog this bit of interest. When I was young I was always fascinated by George Orwell and his writings especially, NINETEEN Eight-Four and based on his view of future life. George Orwell went to fight in the Spanish Civil War and my cousin, first removed, Bob Smillie went out with Orwell and fought side by side with him. Bob Smillie died in a prison hospital in Valencia. If anyone reads Orwell’s, Bob Smillie is mentioned and indeed highly praised for his courage.


I  will leave you in this historical point.

Sleep well.


2 thoughts on “Saturday 11th June 2012”

  1. Blair, 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell were two books I devoured as a teenager. At the time I enjoyed them but thought them fictitious. Now I realise they were an accurate prediction of our country and politicians today.

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