Friday 10th June 2016

I decided drop the black out blinds behind the shutters, just to see if this could be a problem with light awakening me early. Went to bed last night and not watching the debate where Boris was being the whipping boy of the Remain women as I call the fish wives led by Nicola Sturgeon. I would not like to go in to her if I had broken the wage packet. This was a clear strategy and will back fire.

Any way back to sleep or my creativity, woke at 1.30am, thought it was 7am, I hoped, and looked at options: –

  • No more baking, you have not seen my belly.
  • Reading, the choice about human justice or the benefit of cannabis on cancer.
  • Squeezing my eyes shut tight and counting to 1 million sheep.
  • Or my solution getting up and taking the only third ever a sleeping pill which should take me to, hopefully 6am.

Solution worked and at least got to 5am and was not to drowsy much either.

Up prepared and made off for the last day of the week for radiotherapy and blood tests at Clatterbridge. I was registering at the reception when a nurse mentioned that she had started to look at my blog and it was her husband who was a doctor recommended to check it out and hopefully we have another follower. If anyone registered with WordPress then they can Comment and I love good and bad.

When called to the masking, my favorite young excellent nurse told me that she would not see me again as she was going on holiday and would miss for my last week. I could see her emotional and this is always the hardest as I find. I look at the eyes and this tells the story, kindness and caring obvious. I assured that I would come back to see people and they might ask me to volunteer but my deal would be that I would have a ‘red’ jacket like MBE Ted at the head reception.

My old friend Mike Dodd was meeting us in Chester for a coffee, and I had known him for over 40 years. His parents lived in Nantwich and he moved from Scotland to make his home there. We were always close as our children grew up together and when Mike found my news then he took it hard. Sometimes again you don’t meet every day but you always stay close. Great to see Mike and after so many operations to his heels, hips etc he is now more comfortable walking and this will make a difference to his mobility.

I need to get some Omega 3, Turmeric, 5HTP (help to sleep) and Star Flower Oil, for Eleanor. I will be slipping into Clatterbridge, refreshed, hopefully. I most books I see that Omega 3 is one of the best oils to take and can help the brain. Holland and Holland had a good sale today  so took advantage.

Back at home and opened the post and had a surprise donation for the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and this is from my uncle Bill from Ayr, Scotland who has raised an enormous amount for local cancer charities, using his talent as an artist. You want to Google William Hillen Art and he is a remarkable talent and one he painted for me was the horses being ridden on Ayr Beach which as a fourteen I did many a time. Thank you and the donation will be appreciated x.


I had a lovely hour sleep in the afternoon listening Swan Lake on the earphones which allows Eleanor not worry about any noise. I had a deep sleep and was aware that I had the steroids reduced and no real difference.

We are having a dear friend Christine Williams who Eleanor met when the kids were going to first school and we have always had Chris as a loyal and kind friend. Tonight we will have a wonderful curry and a prawn starter. The friends together.


Earlier this afternoon Elaine popped in with my Eriska who we are getting tomorrow for a few hours and can’t wait.


A wonderful day and tomorrow will come to bless us.

Sleep well.


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