Thursday 9th June 2016

Gave in last night and took a sleeping pill. Got to 5am but feel a lot better this morning. I had a long list of things to do and sometimes this is harder than work. I feel sorry for Eleanor as I just cannot calm down and I see it annoys her. Must consider this and be aware of that and write 100 lines – must calm down, must calm down, must calm down, mus…………

I am working on the charity evening, 24th September with Brian Richardson as the tribute to Mick Hucknall and had a wonderful confirmation of a valuable auction prize work £500 for a grooming hair, make up and photo shoot by Tony Blake. The tickets will be £15.00 and already I have many people desperate for the tickets coming out. This will be a wonderful night.

I am feeling soooooooo much better with a decent sleep and stroll into Clatterbridge with a spring in my step. Love to see all the volunteers and staff and will miss them. After, I love a bacon roll and a coffee when I finish. Love it, but again Eleanor watching her figure, misses out.

Did you watch BBC cancer program 9pm and the previous week I didn’t watch but well, I will watch and I see  mirror emotions which all go through and this is a growing problem. The bravery of the young lad with a brain tumour and the emotions of his loving mum, dad  and the six other brothers and sisters. I hope this lad beats this and I do not then see myself as either brave or unlucky.

I do not where the lovely weather comes from and home to a really healthy salad then I took the tricycles out to load in the rubbish gathered to go to the dump, which is highly organized with separation and now just another step to finishing off the back garden. Eleanor is now, not saying, but loves to drive the Peugeot which I was always concerned about but I am happy now.

Eleanor was going to pick up Madison, oldest grandchild, to take her for swimming lessons and this again is something which Eleanor should not change this role which she loves. I need to spend more time with the grandchildren and I must find out what they like and be what a real granddad should be! I will try better as before I was always distracted with politics and business. I was missing out.

In the post today I had the Scottish National Trust magazine which will help our choice places to visit however  a place which I have a passion to visit after as a lad seeing an exhibition in Glasgow and this is St Kilda. My fascination of how people lived on a small island way out in the Atlantic. This is on my bucket list as I think there will be a special atmosphere. Please Google St Kilda and you will see what I mean.

The other book was one which I am astonished by the revelation of the ways in which, we think our democratic countries use torture to include also the Lockerbie air crash investigation. This is a must read. I received a new hard back replacing the soft back where the pages were coming out and I complained to the printer. Immediately had a response and I  must thank them.


This afternoon I had just over an hour sleep on the decking and although woke up a bit groggy felt much better. So far cutting steroids and I look forward to the next stage of the cutting half of the daily 1mg.

All tided and made the calls, sent emails and time to now eat, relax and enjoy this important of the day.

You all have a lovely night and speak tomorrow.

Sleep well as I would wish for every one in the world, in peace.




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