Wednesday 8th June 2016

This is the first time that I woke at 1.30am and I wish could just roll over but had to get up. I made a fruit loaf and prepared a spelt loaf to allow it to rise for in the oven later. The first one I did was a disaster and also with the fruit loaf. When I took it out the oven after in for 1 1/2 hours, I thought I would roll it out to the wire rack, the top came out and the base left in the tin. I had to do quick surgery and get it welded back to the base and stuck it back into oven for 10 mins. Now I have to admit, it looks good but have not taken a knife to cut a slice…………………..

During the night it dragged until about 4am when I returned to bed for about 1 1/2 hours.

Usual early appointment with Clatterbridge and then we had an in-depth meeting with Helen our specialist nurse and discussed the medication and the program for the future. I said that I had cut the steroids as discussed with the doctor and she agreed that we should now start to gradually come off and this might also  help to sleep. I would rather being more tired than become dependent on any steroids but seemingly you need to ‘persuade’ the body to replace it’s natural resource.

Now as you know I love Clatterbridge the service, people and their dedication however this is a big mistake and I have to pass it every day. The man who started a war in Iraq where 100,000 plus have died and he enriched himself as posing as a leader of a working class Party which my great grandfather co-founded. The plaque should remove the word ‘Honourable’ at least.


We were invited to friends who we met initially, in France and then I knew they lived just a few miles from our Wilmslow shop which I would spend at least 4 days a week. Roddy is Scottish and his birthday is the day after mine. Julie also gets on very well with Eleanor and we went to a delightful restaurant called The Wizard next to the National Trust popular walk and after a salad, Roddy and I had desert which was a 99 ice cream from the van in the car park. Delicious and a glorious day.

We had arranged to pick up special food for Wee Joe and I think I slept most of the journey back. When I came into the kitchen I was sleeping walked and wondered about cutting down the steroids but I know the sheer lack of sleep to blame and listening with the Farage/Cameron debate contributes. Should not watch something ‘too heavy, before bed.

Eleanor is due to her other Pilates session and I will take dog for a walk, prepare the light dinner for her coming in and I am going to chill out. The Wales Tourist brochures and will study them, what a lovely country, nearby and we will certainly take full advantage of what it offers.

I will leave you. Maybe cut a slice of the crippled fruit cake and maybe tomorrow will tell you the truth or spin it.


Good night.


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