Tuesday 7th June 2016

Good morning.

I was up at 4am and fresh and delighted as I have so much work to do on the computer. I need to contact Liberty the Human Rights organisation which my great grandfather waas the first president in 1917 which was The National Council against Conscription which then became the National Council for Civil Liberty and today is Liberty. I would love to take part in the 1917 celebrations however I don’t think this will now happen and I need all the help in supporting finding a playwright for this remarkable man. Today with corruption in UK and the world, we need to tell this message of honesty and peace in the world. At this time at morning my mind is so clear and fresh, I just wish I had not wasted so many hours sleeping. I might not be saying this later in the afternoon!!

I will wake Eleanor at 6.30 as we are going for our early Radiotherapy and then going for a coffee at Chris’s home nearby who we have befriended at Maggie’s Centre. I am so puzzled why so few men use this facility. Maybe this is something that requires a survey?

We were very nearly late to the hospital due to explainable traffic however I made by the skin of my teeth. I had printed off ten copies of the Heath and Science of, again, The Week. Two articles are interesting about cancer and the American research sow that up to 40% of cancers are preventable and as many 70% of deaths. Politicians must be brave to take this seriously. We have just ordered 67 new helicopters  at £44 million each. Have they got the priorities correct??

Had a lovely visit to Chris’s house and the conversation with his wife was to discuss the EU, never, and she was at one stage wanting to stay but I have given her something to think about. Eleanor just looks at me when I go off one. Sorry folks but I am passionate.

Back to home and feel sorry for Wee Joe as he is lonely without his pal Hugo so we spend as much as time with him.

I have made yet another list of baking requirements and I keep explaining at Waitrose, when she sees the sneaky products slipped into the trolley, this is just ‘stock’ and hopefully will be turned into delicious things to eat, maybe. After Waitrose visit I stopped to say hello for two months to my old Iranian friend Hormos and he was so delighted to see me. Hormos sells me chandeliers and always help me to fix some of the antique chandeliers I bring from France. He is a great kind and good friend and I will visit him many times soon.

Eleanor is out at pilates  tonight and I can get the blog finished, make some salad tonight and keep myself fresh for the Cameron/Farage debate at 9pm.

Well I am going to have a bowl of healthy soup, and finish off my tasks which I will let you know the results soon and exciting.

Good night sleep well.




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