Monday 6th June 2016


I woke up this morning 4.30am which was not too bad and saved the NHS a sleeping pill. I went to the kitchen, had a look at the new Kenwood new mixer and went through the options however had no eggs. Drat! Well decided I would try a spelt loaf and as I type it is in the oven. I feel more tired and I am trying to fight it. I said to Eleanor that I felt like I was trying to run and someone has their hands on my shoulders holding me back or I am running through mud. I know I need to keep the muscles work even just gently.

I looked at Facebook and when I looked at the photo of my niece Wee Linda at the top of Ben Nevis and holding a sign saying she did it for me! I cried and I am sorry to say that! I am never emotional about my situation but feel it when I see the support from others. Than you Linda and a lovely effort and thoughts.


Eleanor will take me into the Chester /showroom for the first time since having the supposed  TIA mini stroke. I will see some of the lads and will look forward to seeing them. Now both Eleanor and I handed over the business to Fraser and Elaine, I still feel for a business which I ran for 19 years however I know all the staff will treat the business as  and build it up from a solid base.

I woke angry at the MEP Nathan Gill, who shared the shop in Connah’s Quay and when promised to stand down from the European Parliament and when appointed a List seat in the Welsh Assembly is now staying and MEP and an AM. I hate politics sometime as people forget WHY they are there. Seeing food banks and someone splits between two jobs doing neither with full commitment. I will take on a task to expose this and anywhere I see this unfairness on the electorate.


This morning  I asked Eleanor to take me in to Chester showroom early so I could see the guys and I was glad that I entered the place where the ambulance came for me on the 1st April. I was told I had a minor stroke and all I was concerned about taking medication for the rest of my life. I wish! It was great to see and had some man hugs promising that I will pop in for a coffee now and then. They are a good team and I know will now grow the business as they really care for their clients.

I came back to house for yet another power wash for the next section to be sealed later when dry. I love sitting doing my blog listening classic music or opera, it relaxes the whole spirit. We will then have an early lunch as at 2.30pm I should have a relative empty stomach for the chemo pills before the radiotherapy. The chemo taken about twenty minutes before allows the chemo to the brain otherwise it does not go to where it is needed.

At lunchtime I had to go to the Mold garden Centre to pay for a new gate and at the same time the restaurant was our favorite  and early to have it digested before the 5pm for the chemo pills before the radiotherapy.

In the afternoon I rested before heading for Clatterbridge and when arriving had the first appointment with the oncologist doctor to report on the blood for the last two weeks and check if we had any concerns. The blood was normal again and we agreed to continue with the 1.5mg steroids every day and felt that I was feeling a bit more tired as the days go and we could look at possibly reducing to 1mg if there is no change and I would suffer the tired effect for the last week If I could reduce the steroids.

We hit all the traffic in the way home but still home in good time to again read, relax and then have a wonderful meal of pasta with mushroom and kidney bead with pesto. Thank goodness for good food.

I am looking forward to watching the Jimmy McGovern program then off to bed.

You must hear me go on about the weekly magazine full of news all over the world by different views, unbiased. One article in the Health and Science page is that American research proves that 70%  of cancer deaths could be reduced due to a better lifestyle and healthy. If we spent more on preventative and education would ease the pressure on the cancer treatments. Will people ever listen or only when it is too late they start taking an interest?

Anyway folks I am away to see Jimmy McGovern and off to bed.

Night folks and thank listening.


6 thoughts on “Monday 6th June 2016”

  1. I too am watching the Jimmy McGovern play Blair on how the Blair elite try to cover up the way they let down 6 young soldiers. This is growing to be a hard watch but we need to know that the establishment is against decency and will lie and lie to to cover the truth up just as they did with Hillsborough.


    1. John.

      I am so sickened by politics as you trust and I was nearly throwing a brick through the TV last night when I saw the way that Tony Blair treated the electorate and he still becomes a multi millionaire on the back of the working class. Read the Dispatches from the dark Side and you see the corruption in our political class. Just look at Gill two jobs and doing neither one well. Kick them out however when 66% of voters in North Wales don’t give a stuff about voting for someone of the Assembly then moan when things don’t suit them. The right to vote was hard won and if you don’t vote three times then you lose the right. You can always chose none of the above but must vote.


    1. Sue lovely to hear from you and I hope that this Blog can help other people going through this. Also facts are arising why cancer should be treated at a preventative stage but all politicians are more concerned being elected after 5 years. If I have this, then I must find a purpose to use it’s very harsh message and hopefully as the blog number grows we can work together.
      Thaank you
      Blair and Eleanor

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  2. Blair sooooo pleased your bloods are good again. Dave 7 I watched that programme what wonderful people they are .so very sad watching it but it would be wrong to bury our heads in the sand & in some small way it supports them i there cause . xx

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    1. Only when it affects us or nearest. There is something not being told us and why is this such a killer. One to help people with cancer but what about the preventative strategy and why is this good works supported mainly by the generosity of our good people rather than taxes. This is shared evenly but the politicians are scared.


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