Sunday 5th June 2016

This is the second I woke up at 5.30am and due to the sleeping pill and I only took them as it was the weekend. In some ways I thought I would sleep to a later time say 7am but at least it gave me two nights to be undisturbed and tonight I will see how I get on no drugs.

At the weekend I have to take the chemo and make sure they are taken on an empty stomach and then after I mixed a protein drink which was formatted for a company called Shaklee which I owned 25% of it and we had 13% of the UK share of nutrition  UK market. The present company took over the distributors and we still buy. I then use hemp, blackberries, strawberries and Flaxseeds. This is the best solution to make sure you have ALL the nutrition and it certainly helps me.


I am having to seal the paving in the back garden and moved the tubs and power washed as the day was going to be hot and will dry which later I will seal. It is easier to do it on sections. I wanted to give Eleanor a long lie and she got up about 8am. No point being shattered both. We had some breakfast, tidied up. I was also excited about using the  new Kenwood mixer my present from the kids and a bit nervous. Will unusually, read the instructions.

I washed the Peugeot Expert Tepee which holds the tricycles and this will be the first time Eleanor will drive it. As it looks and will be bigger I know she is not sure however if we are to use this to travel in this country and possibly take it to mainland Europe the a day will have to come.

We prepared to go for a cycle along the path from Chester to Connah’s Quay and it is easy to park right to the entrance of the bicycle path and what is invaluable is the Blue Badge.

Eleanor drove the Peugeot like an expert and we had a wonderful 2.5 hours of enjoyable riding and was impressed how many people are our cycling and jogging. We need to get a couple of mirrors as the fast silent bikes come at speed behind and if you relaxed and moved more into the centre then there could be an accident.

Back to house and spent some time on the decking reading and then the two of us having a lovely sleep. We had to make two things and that was Eleanor a lovely Lamb Curry and them I had promised to make a chocolate desert cake with Ricotta, chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. We worked together with this with the new mixer and it looked delicious. It took a lot longer in the oven but ended the great meal of the evening.

Finally, I love to watch Wallander to end up the evening. I was upset when I watched Kenneth Branagh affected by dementia and what a terrible end to your life. Parts of the film I saw how he was dealing with it and I understood however I know my time is a lot shorter.

I am off to bed now after listening to John Major saying what a disaster to leave the EU. Is this not Major who made such a mess running the country whilst Prime Minister or even you have Tony Blair on his side who is a multi millionaire from leading the ‘working class’ party. Well my mind is now cleansed for sleep and I hope the same for you all friends.


Good night.





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