Saturday 4th June 2016

I have made it to a ripe old age of 63 and I am looking forward to a family day which is precious and deserves to all people in the world.

I tried the sleeping pill and was pleased. I slept well and woke at 5am but I am fine with that. Lay for half an hours and then got up and had to take the chemo tablets on an empty stomach and this is only at the weekends. I decided to go for a bike ride. I am listing routes that I may go and leave a note which one and an approximate time. Had a problem with the racing bicycle as I cannot get the tyre blown up and gave up. But changes I took the tricycle for a ride and had a great time on that. It still takes a bit of time to get used to the cambers but even at hills you can use just a bit of electricity to ease your peddling. This gift  from mum of the tricycle is a gods send and thank you x.

I am now going to order a medical bracelet which I am getting nags from various sources and will have to give in. I am told the stories of people suffering from brain tumours being thrown out of shops because they act and speak like drunks. Now in my life and possibly a few, I have always communicated in drunk but I would hate to be mistaken when I May insult someone but saying the ‘wrong word’. Now I may invite you to give me a comment on a good example but not too rude!

I was thinking lying on bed this morning that 63 years have been such a life filled with memories. I added up how many houses, fourteen, and two we lost due to business and had to start all again. My friend Jim Loy and Fraser my son keep telling me to write a book titled ‘Skid Row to Nob Hill and Back Again’ Now I could maybe add more to to that title. I thought I might start putting in some short stories which are ‘challenges’ starting when I was about four years old. What do you think????

At 3pm Fraser came to collect us to go to his house for a birthday celebration with Elaine, Jason and Eriska. We had a marvelous family day being able to sit outside and it is so important to have a family there and supportive. The both families bought a well thought out a top grade Kenwood mixer and it will take me many lessons on how to work out. Now this may improve my baking and this is a very generous gift and I love it.


I also have a special place in the lounge with the circular chair and all my as Eleanor has junk which I call important. Elaine as a great maker of cake decorations which I will keep.


All do I say a very special day and I hope that you all have every day like the best day in your life.

I am off and sleep well folks.



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