Friday 3rd June 2016

Straight to my sleep woke up and was up at 2.50am got up decided to have a cup of tea and read from this incredible Dispatches from the Dark Side. This was recommended to me by my dad who has said it is a ‘must’ read on torture and the death of justice. The author is a lawyer Gareth Peirce. If you are interested in, for example, the truth by the flight 103 which crashed in Lockerbie. I remember when I had a Edinburgh, I had a chemical manufacturer in Lockerbie, near to where the flight crashed and if it had went into Dextar Chemicals then it would have been a ‘big’ problem especially if I was in there at the time!

Anyway back to bed at 5am and up at 6.30am to get ready for hospital for the final day of the four weeks. Had radiotherapy and then up stairs to have the blood taken. Due to holidays this week I never received the results of the previous results. So Monday we will see the results for two weeks and hopefully, again, no problem.

We went to see someone grown fond to meet and a volunteer, Chris. I also want to see the fund raising manager Holly but she was at a charity event today and I need to go through the publicity for Brian at Bromborough Social Club. I am confident that I will sell at least 30 tickets at £20 each and I now know that the hall two hundred and ten.

We came back to walk Wee Joe and the house without is silent. Normally you can hear his clicking of his feet on the floor and always bugging us to either food or wanting me to sit down to jump up on my knee.

I had to seal the paving at the back garden, so power washed and when dry started to seal a section. Getting there on my jobs and and soon will be bored. Just before lunch we went to Sainsbury’s at Wrexham and then meet up with Elaine and baby Eriska for lunch at at new place next to a lovely river and sat up on the decking. Food excellent and would go again and local.

I was going to have Fraser to pick my up as we are going for a game of snooker. Now when I was at Ayr Academy and at 16 years old, there were several snooker, smokey halls  and I must admit I would ‘plunk’ off to go and play. Now at Rileys in Chester, how cruel to a sick man. First game score Fraser 78  – Blair 1. Now don’t think I have mistype d it was 1. Second game he still beat me but at least I potted a few and missed a lot.

Great to spend some quality time and we must do more in future.

The weather has been wonderful today and tonight I am going to take one of the five sleeping pills which they have given me. I am so reluctant to take these but I thought on a Friday evening I will try one and possibly one on Saturday just to ‘hopefully’ sleet to possibly 8am and get back into some pattern.

Will let you tomorrow on blog.

Finally, I am testing either the very low alcohol beers or 0% and I picked two to look at and one is Cobra 0%, still to test, and the other if a Prague beer Czech and good price and one of the best, brewed for Sainsbury’s at 0.5%vol. They are now getting to get the flavor for this growing market.

That’s enough now as tomorrow I make to sixty three and we are going to Fraser’s house with Elaine and family to have a wee celebration.

Look forward to another great day and you have a wonderful Friday night.


Sleep well.



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