Thursday 2nd June 2016

Lets get the wakening again. Up at 4am after going to bed at 10pm last night. As soon as I finish a few pages then I sleep great but always feel that I am later and then I slightly open my eyes and I don’t see the light through the shutters. OK just get up and then think no baking can’t be bothered reading but I look around the house and missing one thing and that is my wee pal Hugo. I feel the tears coming to my eyes again and then I turn to his at peace. Wonder how long I will feel like this but better to get it out and as time will heal.

I then when I saw the sun coming up I decided to take my bike, two wheel one, and changed to look at least like a typical cyclist and I headed into the Chester town. At the crossing road i turned towards to Doddleston, through the village and heading back to Higher Kinnerton. Now there must be a reason for the word ‘Higher’ and this means what goes down must go back up hill on my return. I must admit and later when I told the radiotherapy staff, I should make sure if I am going out myself, I should tell my wife the route just in case I am in some ditch. Now if I woke Eleanor at 5am just to sketch her the route and I could see the lamp at the bedside being thrown at me. I lived dangerously – not!

When I came back after 6am then I prepared for the day feeling much better apart from the hands cold, which I have bought a pair in Chester today. But I genuinely felt the benefit of the exercise possibly only 8 miles say but better at least for the spirit.

Eleanor and I still shocked to see only Wee Joe and not the patter feet. We headed off to Clatterbridge and with some information for Chris Done, who is the head funding manager arranged a meeting at 9.30am once I finish. I want to present an idea for her and indeed at the meeting was a strategy to move forward. I will keep this for later.

We knew that Wee Joe was at home and he was going to take him to the pet cemetery  in Hollywell. Due to timing we proceeded to pick up Hugo’s ashes and then straight back house. This is an amazing place and gives a lot of comfort for people who love their pets and for Eleanor or me we went with his ashes in a beautiful inscribed box and a key ring with his hair. Worth all for my wee friend.

In the afternoon we had a few things to do in Chester and the Blue Badge is so good to park in the city, walk to the other side to pick up from the Post Office HQ. We were in  glorious sunshine with all the tourist out and again this is a fabulous City and in Marks and Spencer we look at the great ‘dine for two’ offer. Incredible!

I have a problem that there is now bald section of my head and makes it looks stupid and we went to my friend Steve, hairdresser and said here is real challenge and it is much less obvious. Thank you Steve.

Back with the £10 deal, home and feel really at happy in my self and only also that Eleanor is looking less stressed. Just before I go we managed to join friend Dave and Kate from St Asaph to go to see Lionel Richie on the 19th June in Colwyn Bay. Wow something to really look for that evening.

Life is really, really fab!

Speak tomorrow my friends – good night.




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