Wednesday 1st June 2016

A sad day when we had to put our beloved pug Hugo to sleep. It was very distressing Eleanor however the vet agreed and she did the end in such a gentle and kind way. I thank her for that and we will miss this lovely companion. I think about how our pets are reliant on our kindness and if they are loved and looked after then they are happy. This now reflects the corruption, human greed and the abuse of any power by leaders of many countries which has misery and cruelty by people looking for being loved! Something for us to think about?

Now on to say I raised at 2am as I was awake but I wanted to take a check on Hugo. He wanted out and really needed and then was sick. I had the chance for having him on my knew for at least an hour. Our private time. I also looked through the recipes and decided to make blueberry, apply sauce muffins. They turned out good and when Elaine popped in to see Hugo, I gave her two to test as she is the baker in the family. Fingers crossed!

Went for radiotherapy usual early schedule and they spent more time by adjusting the bank of the mask as there is a big difference in my swelling of face and now have a double chin. Much more more comfortable.

Our day had just being at home with Eleanor and both exhausted as we know this day was going to come and after the deed, we are physical and mentally exhausted.

In some ways I was worried about our French Bulldog Wee Joe, however we know is a real ‘nutcase’ with the most difficult to take for a walk as he is like a ‘bat on a stick’ when we pass other dogs. He is still very loved.

Eleanor and I had a bit of sleep and then took Wee Joe for a walk in the countryside around the village and I just said to Eleanor that I could easily have a holiday here when the weather is good.

Eleanor made some cauliflower curry earlier in the week and we are having it again which was delicious and very healthy. Whilst I am on the decking, still warm here and I smell the aroma of my dinner.

Before I go for the evening I really appreciate how lucky I am. The brain tumour is not giving me pain or any real physical incapacity. I feel for people who maybe do not have a partner like I have in Eleanor and this is why support for more so, people who are in need. This is why the Clatterbridge Charity or Maggie’s Centre are critically important.

From a very lucky guy to all who read this blog, sleep well and speak tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st June 2016”

  1. so sorry to hear of little Hugo I feel for you both & indeed for the rest of your family he was a sweet little boy .Hope you sleep well, lots of love as always xxx

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    1. As all good dog owners, like your family have to look at all the good they had from you and the end is always difficult but we need to keep the positive times with them. Thank you all. Love Blair xx


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