Thursday 30th June 2016

Good morning. Another great sleep and woke up about 6.30 but rested in bed until 7.30am and got up and had the protein drink in half banana, blueberries, and some Scottish strawberries with Hemp milk. This will set me up for the day with the correct nutrition. Still 1/2gm steroid and this is stabilising me.

I was going into Ayr to meet my father and then we drove to Prestwick station to go for our adventure. My father has always been someone who loved his train journeys as he was a rail driver for 49 years and could tell you ever tunnel, signal box, station etc. etc. So off to Glasgow, change to Queens Street and on the train to Balloch at the end of Loch Lomond and the home of the Maid of the Loch and this is an interesting story. In government there is massive amount of money wasted and I have seen two projects which are just left to the ‘hopeful public interested charity’ to save historical priorities and yesterday I saw the £1/2 million for Burns monument. The other project is the Maid of the Loch required additional £1.7million to see this historical loch paddle steamer. There is so many adversities to overcome by bureaucracy which will ‘wear down’ the genuine volunteers. We should identify these Scottish historical gems and instead of the government being brave of just raising the taxes and all share rather than the generous.

Here are some of the pics my dad, me and the wonderful ship. Please don’t lose these for ever.

Back in the train to Ayr and then my Dad drops me off in Annbank.

Eleanor will arrive in the Peugeot and look forward to get going on our holiday with our Wee Joe coming. Will send some wonderful pictures of Scotland soon.


Sleep well.


Wednesday 29th June 2016

Great sleep at mum’s house and although woke up about 6.30am went back to sleep and got up about 8.30am. I am back to more normal as I am having the 1/2mg steroid.

I was heading into Ayr by the bus which is incredible compared with my busses about seven a day and this village has a half hour service in Annbank and it is used well. Obvious Nichola Sturgeon has plenty of money services for busses and not for filling the holes in the roads. I watched the fool N. S. visiting Brussels and a hopeless journey as this is only a publicity photo opportunity and the believers will be very disappointed in Scotland staying in the EU however she may be using this for another goal and that is for a referendum for Independence. I think the people are fully politicised  (good word) until nearly everyone is committing suicide.

I know how my great grandfather was vilified for being honest, with no personal gain and he will know how Corbyn is feeling.

20150216_121050 (1)

No more politics, for today.

I was looking forward to getting to meet with my uncle Billy for a coffee in Ayr. I might have mentioned that he raises money for cancer charity for selling is art. We met at the bus station and went for a coffee and scone at the restaurant who display his work for sale. Billy had mentioned that he would look for fresh themes and I suggested that I take some photos of the Portavadie and also I suggested that we could paint the Puffer set in some beautiful settings. There is a great following for the Puffer boat is similar for the love of the Waverley, (the last sea going paddle streamer).

Save the Puffer, holidays.


It was great to spend time with Billy and he dropped me off at my father’s house.

Although it was raining, this is nothing to spoil a walk in Scotland and he drove me out to Burns Monument and walked along an old railway line , converted to a walkway. Some may have heard of Robert Burns, a world famous poet and our path takes us under a tunnel especially built under the graveyard and Alloway church renowned in the poem Tam O’ Shanter.  Our walk to an area Doonfoot which is a really beautiful place to live and this is where the ‘well off’ in Ayr live. When I was a poor wee boy I dreamed to live, one day, in Doonfoot.

I thought you would like to see where you might visit one day, if you have not experienced this before. The grave of Robert Burns’s father.

About 5pm although, I had insistence by my father about travelling by myself, I caught the bus from Ayr to return to mum’s in Annbank. I hate being treated like a child however people treat me for genuine care and I understand.

We had a nice relaxed evening and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure and I will have you pictures to tempt you.

Good sleep.

Tuesday 28th June 2016

I had a great sleep and even not a visit to the loo during the night. I first woke up about 5am and persisted in gong back to sleep and woke again at 7am. Eleanor had a 8.30am appointment for her dentist and had to be swiftly out the door. I tried to catch up with the morning’s political news and quite frankly I wish I had not switched the TV and realised that it was a pity that ‘jokers’ were running our county or even most countries.

I was being driven by Eleanor’s sister Julie who will take me up to mothers in Annbank. The longer I have never drive, I feel that the roads are seemingly taking longer. I had a good sleep for about an hour and slept and then awoke refreshed and kept Julie company especially when she had to  pull off the M74 directed to AYR and the road is not the best. For over 30 years I would drive this stretch of road in all weather and it is not my favourite.

I arrived at mothers and she would be delighted that I could spend some time with her. It is frustrating that I would always to be able to take her a run in the car and visit like Culzean Castle however I am stuck as I cannot drive and have that freedom. Hopefully my company will be all I can offer.

I had email contact from a Donald McKellar who was an Arnold Clark’s Branch Managing Director of the Edinburgh Peugeot/Talbot dealer. This is extraordinary story and I could write a story alone this period. At one time my advertising agency in Edinburgh handled the whole Arnold Clark account and I was close dealing with Donald. Later in our relationship and losing the account, I was found losing my house, car, caravan and everything my shirt. Whilst Eleanor was loading the van with our possessions, I was at the housing department of Livingston. Eventually, because have two small children, I got the keys for a council house which I would state was not in a ‘wonderful’ area.

No job, moved into a council house, I made Arnold Clark and asked him if I could sell cars and yes he gave me a job at Donald McKellar branch in Edinburgh. I had never sold  car however Donald was extremely kind although I really gave him a hard time. I wanted to sell every car that I could possibly could and even selling the part exchanged, not even washed, as the commission was higher. Within a few months, I was one of the top earners in the whole group. Not too happy with the other salesmen. Tough!

I think I could have made a career in Arnold Clark’s however a call from a Graham Walker from Jersey and this led to me coming to Chester to running and building a advertising agency. Then buying a house (95% deposit) and within of all happening of about 6 months from of loosing my home. I was sorry to leave Donald McKellar however I think he would have a more peaceful life with me being now in Chester.

We folks one small think happens and you make contact and there is something there for you to read in a quiet day.

Another day and another adventure.


Sleep well my friends.

Monday 27th June 2016

Another good sleep and did not even get up for the loo. Hopefully I am getting lazy and the next I will be watching Jeremy Kyle!!!

I am back on the 1/2gm steroids and hopefully this will stabilising me and be less tired. Today I still feel lazy, lazy and not being me.

I had to change the pansies in the window boxes and went to our local small garden and have put in a different range of plants which I will photographed as soon they come out.

I had a look at the Save the Puffer Holidays, and they are very booked but just a few 5 nights but difficult to confirm with the oncologist at our meeting the 15th July. Hopefully there be a few dates that might work. You should Google the Puffer holidays and some great scenes all over the West Scotland.

Julie is relaxing before the return to Scotland tomorrow and she will drop me at mothers in Annbank before her final trip to Glasgow. I am looking forward Eleanor coming her on Saturday to make our way to get the ferry Gourock to Dunoon and not far to drive to Portavadie Marina.

I have had now had an email from Save the Children and they have now searched my great grandfather, Robert Smillie and was then aware of him being a co-founder and this we be included in the 1919 centenary. I explained that I will not be here in 2019 for the celebrations and I want to do something with me reference the raising the Crownfunding. Not that they contributing,  but the publicity  will help the credibility in his story and the play having written.

My great grandfather, donated £30,000 from the miner’s of the UK to start of the Save the Children charity in Royal Albert Hall. In 1920 he was awarded in the Honorary Committee in Geneva.

I had a surprise call from the Oncologist Specialist Nurse, Helen. She knew I was going to Scotland to enquire to how the treatment and do I have enough steroids. She had me a chat at the right time as I was depressed and she explained how the few days after treatment. If I speech declines that I had to increase the steroids, which I hate doing but I find my speech better. Knowing I am conscious of bad speech then I say little. At least people will have a rest especially about politics and the EU!!

Well speak soon and tomorrow I will publishing from Scotland.Sleep well!

Sat 25th/Sun26th June 2016

This is very short Blog.

I have an admission – I am not Superman and someone who will always fight against my illness and on Saturday, I thought would just go to take 1/2mg steroid skipping that day and planning to take one on Sunday. I  felt OK for the day of Saturday but bang, Eleanor put me to bed and have no recollect of anything until I was lying bed to 10am. I got up shortly and I missed the party at son’s house to celebrate Murray’s birthday. I got up about 4pm and forced to have a shower and shave to bring me back to to normality.

I noticed that my speech was like someone drank a bottle whisky and I would have difficult typing and spelling every few words. I try to speak when I have too and became depressed and sorry I had to mentioned that dreaded word.

I start to think that the tumour has started to grow, with similar speech problems when the tumour was first putting pressure and the brain. I know that I would be warned after radiotherapy may be swelling the speech and memory and this will help as this repairs.

Sorry to give you such a negative Blog and tomorrows will be, I promise, a better positive Blog.

Before, I will give you a couple before the Glastonbury weekend which I slept throughout but Eleanor, her sister Julie and Madison.

Speak soon.






Friday 24th June 2016

For the last two years I fought to expose the sham of the European Union and like many people waiting up for the result and I was happy to go to bed at 10.30pm and accept the democracy of the British people. The remain were totally that they lost and my friend, Jim Loy said ‘The bookies were always right and this would be remaining’

Being Scottish I then listened to Nicola Sturgeon saying that they would seek another referendum to leave the UK and stay in the EU. Is she a complete idiot, where she wanted to be independent but still controlled by Brussels. She would have to contribute every day and they would decide there that money would be spent in Scotland and indeed match funded. There would be a secure border from Carlisle to Berwick on Tweed and how are they going to take the goods driven to the European ports, using an independent British countries roads for no fee. Now goods will have to sail from Scotland and what an attraction of immigrants going to Scotland in huge numbers where Nicola where she had made the same statement of Merkel ‘We welcome immigrants, all welcome’

This will see a debate which I will certainly be up for fight as long as I have have breath in my body.

Now politics aside I slept to 6.30am and have had a very lazy day. I had to fix the fence which I am delighted and Ron, who built our tricycles, was coming to check the gears which are slipping and I wanted it fixed before we leave to Scotland. This morning still slightly back up, shit, and 1/2mg steroid, tempted to cut to one every second day, and Omega 3, turmeric and started Alfalfa which will rid of some of the fluid increased lately.

I have prepared photocopies to go along with the Labour of Love books going to a Professor Graham Walker of Belfast University. and the playwright, Ed, from Newcastle. Prof. who wrote a book on the forming of the Labour in Scotland. He has said that he will help in any way to assist in information for the play.

How I am today and I feel the radiotherapy and chemo is now wearing off and I see a slight normality, a little but moving forward. I cannot wait to see Eleanor’s coming today from Scotland in preparation for our ‘house’ Glastonbury weekend when some good food, drink and no need for wellies. Julie will take me back to Scotland on Tuesday to see my parents and cannot wait.

I have downloaded Para Handy and now in the third programme. Since have a tumour and looking what is important to add my bucket list and I love the Clyde Puffers and love to watch the Para Handy with the views I know so well. When I was young, instead of going to the airport, we went on Paddle steamers ‘up the water’. We had no phones, computers or any expensive toys. We had the simple playing and when I look back I was so happy and looking back it worried that our children have everything but missing out on simple things. Will they look back 50 years from now and remember playing with the latest computer games or continuously sending texts or Facebooking. A new word again!


They do holidays on this puffer and there is some available dates and will see Eleanor when she returns to book a real Bucket wish.

Julie arrived safely from Glasgow and deserves with a glass of wine. We will enjoy the sunshine and look forward to our weekend of music without the mud.

Enjoy the historic evening and sleep well. I have the confidence with the people of this Great Britain.




Thursday 23rd June 2016

D Day for the referendum day and I do not how to guess what our democracy will give us and any way we need to get together to either start cleaning the EU as promised by our Remain politicians or if we are out then we need to negotiate where the EU has more to lose than us.

Bed at 10.30am and then got up at 6am. I like this time at the morning and easily pass a few hours until Eleanor wakes at 8am. I was some fencing to renewed and the new gate fitted and this will be my project. Weight slightly less at 12.70 stone.I decided to have porridge and then coffee but no bread, this is until at lunchtime for two slices of rye bread.

I was brave taking off the old gate and once then I have no security for keeping Joe in the back garden. At some time has to be done so I went for it.

We had arranged to meet Melissa and our grandson Murray at the Broughton retail to get him shoes for his third birthday. After having a screaming session with Murray especially in Clarks choosing shoes and I felt sorry for the young girl training, this must surely put her off this career.

Murray with his birthday present.


They came came for lunch and within an hour I had to go to bed to sleep for at least an hour. I felt totally ‘done in’ but do not fight it and just take the sleep when able. When I rose, I started on the ‘gate’ project and completed this by about 5pm. My brain or physical strength was not the same but this slowed me in thinking and good as I make less mistakes.

Very posh new gate.


The weather was so warm that Eleanor, Joe and myself walked down to the local pub the Royal Oak and had a refreshing drink in their garden and back to house to relax, have dinner and at last our normal TV is back.

Relax meet you folks whether or not you are in or out as I will not be worrying of which way it goes and hopefully at 7am tomorrow, I will know.

Sleep well.