Tuesday 31st May 2016

Up at 4am this morning to check Hugo and he was OK and decided just to read and then I realized that as time was going on, I decided just to stay up. When the weather now is so good then why not take advantage and possibly have a nod later.

This morning was again our early morning treatment at radiotherapy and the hospital was very quiet covering for many people on holiday. Ted MBE was there as usual and I promise that I will have a pic with him before he disappears on his holiday at the end of this week.

We rushed back as we need to check on Hugo who has not eaten for three days and we need to either get to the vet or as later we discussed on the phone to discuss seeing to a specialist for a final view.

Back at home, I wanted to finish the sealing with the driveway and firstly had to cut a large hedge way, power was and after dry before I brushed on the sealer. Done and dusted then and I will be happy. Whilst getting it dry, I had to post two really important and our Higher Kinnerton Post Office had closed. The nearest one was Doddleston, about 2.5 miles which is a beautiful typical English village and decided to just get changed and go on my racing bike. The 5 miles will have done me good as the muscles need to have gentle exercise.

Felt very good on the cycle, got to the Post Office and then decided not to go back the 2.5 miles and continued for a larger circular route in all in about 10 miles. The sun was shining, the field looked amazing and I also felt good. Not just someone 17 days into treatment. IMG_0218

This has given me a real boost today and I need to set gentle targets for walking and then cycling. You will see the half which I then sealed and now you have a new drive. Trying to get all the ways out of way as soon as the 6 weeks then nothing will hold us back.

In the afternoon I went to my ‘corner’ and chilled out for a lovely sleep for about an hour and back to fully refreshed for an hour. Eleanor was working in the office and it allowed her get catching up with her business. People do not realize how difficult how to be looking after someone me, a pain in the a**e and still perform at the work you would have to deal without some husband who normally worked over 60 hours every week.

One of my neighbors, Nigel is a retired school headmaster, goes walking the weather man from Welsh television is filmed and proving a big viewing. I asked if he could speak to him for an opportunity when he is going to be filmed the winner of a auction prize is they accompany him! Could raise a good amount.

Anyway Holby has just started and I am off to see it.

All in all a very relaxed day and relax, chill and remember live in the moment.

Night my friends.


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