Bank Holiday 30th May 2016

Wonderful day!

We was asleep at 10pm the night before and woke up at 4am. Bit of a baking disaster as I thought I would put everything in the bread maker for fresh bread in the morning but I changed the flour from white being Alison brown and the following will see the result. Opps! Then I made scones as per the Scottish recipes which my mum had bought me on Saturday at Culzean. I was panicking as in the time given they didn’t look right, gave it another 5 minutes and whew!! Eleanor and I had with a coffee in the morning and they were tip top.

IMG_0216 (1)

I went back to bed at 5am and the luxury of waking at 7.30. This was like a long lie. The sun was shining and we started doing the odd jobs and doing the normal if you had a weekend day. Preparing to go for radiotherapy at 3pm due to the Bank Holiday, we had a call at 11am from the hospital and can you get here for 12 noon as another machine is now working. A quick shower, change and off to Clatterbridge. Arrived good time, booked in and then was called to go not to the normal machine, Rowan but directed to another room with the exact machine but they realized the mask is now getting very but managed. They can adjust later which will be more comfortable.

You will see by the photograph of my hair falling out and I can understand the panic that people have when this comes out in clumps. Well I am still alive and I can put up with this and I will be able to negotiate a  half price for a haircut.


When we came back to the house, I wanted to power wash half of the driveway in preparation of sealing the pattern printed surface. I stated this company. Artists in Concrete around 1994 and sold out when I started Living Floors. I was asked my friend Jenny Sale I would love to know your businesses and one time I will give you a really LONG blog.

After I had cleaned the area then I was really tired, went to my famous round chair and had a lovely sleep.

When I woke up had two things to do, one was to seal the driveway as the weather is perfect and second, go for a ride in the tricycles. Got the bikes out for my inaugural trips. We have surrounded with  country lanes and we took the route which we had taken many times with the horses. In some ways it was like riding a horse but not having to feed them. We had an amazing ride and when a hill comes up, some electric to help and easy. This was great exercise and allows me the freedom. A cyclist stopped to have a chat and he was passionate about this sport. He had completed 100 miles in the morning and was still going the lanes early evening. His age – incredibly 85 old. Well I was embarrassed.

Back house I then sealed the drive and thought only for the night a cauliflower/chickpea curry which Eleanor is making, TV and a rest.

One thing I had a surprise was a comment sent from my great friend Jim Loy, who is also a competing cyclist and he is so impressed by Maggie’s Centre that he will dedicate to this Ride 100 London-Surrey. This is very kind and thoughtful – thank you Jim.

I am going to as I smell the curry aroma coming from the kitchen and all I would say is always live in the moment, taking any stress from your mind, it grabs it in two hands and toss it away.

Sleep well.

















2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday 30th May 2016”

  1. Love reading your blogs, they bring reality to life and make starting each day with a clean sheet of paper much easier.
    How did the trikes work out? They look brilliant and make it encouragingly entertaining to take some meaningful excercise, brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

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