Sunday 29th May 2016

Staying at my dads in Ayr and going to bed about 9.30pm after a great day. When my head hit the pillow I was straight away and it is strange that I keep to feel that I might wake up but deliberately kept my eyes shut and it feels like it is for ever but eventaully I have to give in and look at my watch. 4am and I may as well get up, go to the kitchen, make a cup of tea and then work on the blog. At 5.30 there is no point going back to bed and just go and get changed and do the beach walk again. It is certainly again the best part of the day and arrived about 7am to make Eleanor a cup of coffee as we have a schedule to go and see mum in Annbank before an 11am trip back to Chester.

I felt sorry for Eleanor and I am frustrated that I cannot help with the drive but the weather was good and she is an excellent driver.

Maggie was delighted to see us again and you can imagine the car is getting packed with both parents loading with things to take back down south.

Back at Chester about 4pm then we had to unpack and then to get dogs but find there is no improvement in Pug Hugo and if this cannot be solved then it may be very sad but I will have to allow him to be put to sleep. We have always loved dogs and I hate when their lives come to an end but there would be cruel to let him suffer.

On the journey from Scotland I made up an hour sleep and I am may be asking to allow me to further cut back the steroids as I would love to come completely as it changes the shape of my face and I hate the belly as people must think I drink about 6 pints of beer a day!

Tomorrow I am going to go in to see the workers at Living Floors depot and I have never been into since the April Fools day when this started. I will use the tricycle and make sure I am there for 8am and surprise them. I have retired and will never be involved again only to advise if asked but I have seen that as another life but the guys have never been ready to face them and tomorrow will be OK.

I know I will never sleep in as you might know!

I am going to check on the tricycle is fully charged and I will sue the pedal power where I can and then be lazy otherwise. I know I am very weak but I need to keep moving.

I was eating my diner tonight and kept seeing hairs in my food and I now realize that  my hair is falling out especially where the radiotherapy has been directed. After the 3pm schedule tomorrow, I will call in to my hairdresser and ask him to make it look less lop-sided. Not that I have always been into hair style but Steve will do what he can.

I am now off to bed and I would say to all people in commenting –  thank you and keep them coming. Over 100 views even today and again thank you, great support.


Sleep well.




2 thoughts on “Sunday 29th May 2016”

  1. Hi Blair, I have set up a fund raising page for Maggie’s cancer care centres when I do the Ride 100 London-Surrey cycle event on 31 July, see link at bottom
    Take care my friend from Jim

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