Saturday 28th May 2016

Again, I apologize for for your late blog as I am catching up with being in Scotland and I must assure you have not been trying the whisky which surely I would love to be having a wee dram.

It is important to keep a log of my sleeping logs as I can see what may work better, it may be the things I would worry about or the stupidity of doubling up on Piriteze like I did on Thursday evening.

I was staying at my fathers and I got up at 1am and thought a good time to get the Friday blog. I stayed up to 4 am then back to sleep till 5.30. Remember the last Saturday we were in Abersoch which has a fabulous long beach and likewise the town I was born, Ayr, has a long beach and I got up, dressed and walked the 10 minutes to a long  beautiful beach. This looks over to the island of Arran and you will see in the photos below. In some ways I will give you many pictures and this this may be a ‘sale’ from the Blair’s Ayrshire tourist board.

You have: –

  • The Ayr beach at 6am and I only saw one other person enjoying the early sun and peacefulness. Everyone should try!
  • Walking back, I will see the Ayr Fort, then on the High Street, Wallace Tower ( directly across from a grocers called also Wallaces where I was a ‘messages boy’ at fourteen. This was the first supermarket in Ayr.
  • Then you see the famous Tam O’Shanter Inn where Tam left drinking after the market day and slightly, no really drunk, on his mare and soon to have an experience at the Alloway church and fleeing from the devil and the others raised from their graves, chased him to the Bridge of river Doon where he galloped over but unfortunately they managed to get his horses tail and pulled it off. I am sorry but you must look up this story it is world famous.


My weekend was to spend time with my mother who had not seen me from the tunour was discovered and due she was not able to travel to Chester, it was important to let her know that I was dealing with this situation and after a another early walk with my father and Eleanor, again soaking up the beach, we made our way to the village of Annbank. There was Linda, sister, and then we had an opportunity of the latest member of family Adriana where Eleanor enjoyed holding this lovely girl who was born premature and a beautiful wee thing.


The sun was glorious and the countryside is the most beautiful at the time of year and made our way to the coast south of Ayr and passing through a small town called Maybole, where I opened my first shop when I was  nineteen years old. This was an old bank which I rented to sell fruit and vegetables. Soon after I bought a off licence with the house above, some land at back and a cottage which dated to the 18th century. Plenty stories about this but not for the blog.

We arrived at a small village, Kirkoswald, near to Trump’s Turnberry Hotel and golf club. There is a amazing restaurant which is thatched and a few years burned down but was renovated and I must say was a first class to eat. But Kirkoswald is where Souter Jonnie’s house who was one had been drinking with Tam before he left for his fateful evening loosing the tail of his grey mare. Please google the story this is fascinating.

We then made or way to a fishing village maidens, where I used to keep a small sailing boat, had a nice beach walk then headed to a few miles to Culzean Castle. A favorite of mum’s and spent time at the swan lake, the walled gardens and the home farm area. A lovely day and one to remember. Some pics for you: –

It was arranged that we would pick up my father and have an early meal as both Eleanor and I are exhausted and had a lovely meal at again a highly recommended hotel, The Chestnuts, Ayr and after dropped my father, ran mum home, returned to dad’s house to get an early night.

Overall a wonderful day in Ayrshire countryside and beaches. You might think I am having too good a time 50% through the treatments but hey, why not do what you can and both Eleanor and I are enjoying every second minute we can and I an so privileged for all the professional NHS staff looking after me. Thank you.

Speak soon from Bonnie Scotland.




3 thoughts on “Saturday 28th May 2016”

  1. enjoyed Sat blogg very much when we see you I want you to tell me more about youre early buisness ventures, noone can say youve had a boring life its fasanating . youre attitude to life is to be proud of. Safe journey home hope we’ll see you soon. Do you read these replies.Big hugs xxxxx


  2. Hello from the USA! You are making me homesick with your photos. I’ll be there in a few weeks with the boys so hope the weather holds. Sending you positive thoughts and love to you and the family. Yer wee cousin X

    PS Trump is not my fault.

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