Friday 27th May 16

First of all for the apology for the Blog for today. The day before I had a better sleep when I took a antisemitism table and it worked to an extent. I thought I would go one better, I too two tiny, really tiny pills and then ensure a good sleep, set me up for the Scotland road on Friday, (today). Big mistake and I slept walked half the day and wondering whether this was the real fatigue for the treatment or I should be kicking my  backside and really hard.

At a moment when I came to alive was as the four radiotherapy team asked me if they stay in the EU or leave. The mask in their hands and then I burst into a four minute pitch about Brexit and they had never been so glad to get that mask hammered down on a patient. As they left the room I was still babbling through in the air holes in the mask. They will be saying, ‘never ask Smillie about the EU again’.

I slept to Clatterbridge for 8.30 am, had the radiotherapy, had the blood test and back into car for a sleep to home. Slept through getting dogs to kennels, packed some clothes and into car for Eleanor to drive to Ayr, Scotland and then I slept to just after Preston. When I eventually came properly ‘came too’ it was Tebay Services on the M6 and knew that Dr Blair Smillie could resign from self medicating.

Just to keep you up to date with the Pug, Hugo. He is not well and the vets are trying various things but I think there is little home for this 8 year lovely wee dog. A decision will have to be made soon and viewing a pet may also have to be at peace and viewed who is someone also made to look at his short future!


With the bank holiday, we were lucky with and excellent clear road and I felt sorry for Eleanor, who is well used to this road, I cannot contribute. Frustrating, but have to understand that I will be reliant on others which is going to happen increasing as time ticks on.

We arrived at my mothers house in Annbank, the small ex-mining village in Ayrshire, where most of my life here and we had an hour to see her and I hope the swollen face from the steroids did not scare her. I see a big difference and this make the mask going on a bit tight as the days go on. Great to see Mum who is going to be 85 on June and although is not mobile to being on oxygen, she still looks good and can enjoy what she can, and seeing her close family close to her.

Mum at the Burns Centre.


My father lives in Ayr and we were staying there for two nights. We arrived him at 6pm unloaded and at 7pm we walked to the Abbotsford hotel a 5 minute hotel for some dinner. Ayr is a great town, a fabulous beach possibly 2 miles long, two rivers, golf courses and lovely parks. The most important tourist draw is Burns Cottage in Alloway, the home of the Scottish National  Poet. Well worth just coming to see.

The dinner was excellent and decided that I would be in bed early and back at house and sitting to a nice fire, it had changed colder, I felt the eyes going and made my way for a cozy bed. Now to overlap Saturday  but this is 1am, sitting at the kitchen table and writing this Friday blog. Was going to do this before bed but nearly threw the laptop through the window as I couldn’t connect to my fathers modem.

Before I must go I showed the tricycle I am going to show ‘me and me bike and if you can see the top of the picture, you see a young admirer. Do you think technology has moved in nearly 60 years?


Now at 2am in kitchen at Ayr I am saying that I hope now are are really enjoying for restful sleep. Another cup of tea and back to bed.

Thank you for following and sharing.


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