Thursday 26th May 16

Last night we switched off the TV about 9.30pm and decided to put some some gentle music and we ended to near midnight chatting and had the Piriteze to help the sleep. I was delighted that I really woke up properly at 5.30 am and laid until 6 am which was a record. For this I will feel better today.

The two Linda’s arrived very early to take me to Clatterbridge for the early treatment. As normal this was done quickly and they really enjoyed to see the special place and meet some of the staff and Ted who mans the reception and for his reward was awarded by the Queen in 2008 with a MBE. He deserves this.

I spoke to Elsbeth at the Clatterbridge Charity offices and have set a date with the main fundraiser manager next week to go through some ideas. I have some ideas and if they could help then it will make a substantial long term funding.

Linda, sister, had produced some lovely shawls for Maggie’s and they were delighted and will raise some funds for this.

Today was a good day to get things sorted and went to get the tax for the Peugeot which will carry the tricycles. Speaking about this, here is me on my bike: –

Never driven the Peugeot and Linda, niece, was elected the driver and the three of us went to go and visit Llangollen which is only 1/2 hour away but is beautiful and a lovely place to visit to get a genuine Welsh atmosphere. The Peugeot Express Tepee had the two tricycles was perfect to carry them but to give us the freedom. This has everything to visit but also has the Steam Railway.

We walked up to the restaurant at the canal where they organize the canal trips and had some lunch with wonderful views. Now I took advantage of the chef asking why their scones look so good and she then wrote out her recipe and there was a clear difference with what I was doing by Bill Granger’s book. I promised to go back for a competition.

I had a call coming from my solicitor this afternoon and we made via the scenic Horse Shoe Pass and stunned then with an amazing scene and believe it or not was quicker to get home.

Back home I had an hour of deep sleep in chair and was wonderful.

The two Linda’s are due to go back tomorrow by train and they arrived to have some dinner and bring back the Peugeot which they had taken to Chester. We had Lind, nice, try out my bike and loved it. I am sure when they returned home they will tell the stories and take a few orders.

Before I close for the evening I saw this hanging at I would like to share with you.


I am smiling and as I wish you to a lovely evening and don’t forget – sleep well.


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